11 Curiosities About Knights Of The Zodiac To Awaken Their Seventh Sense


Know the secrets of this saga that excited us in childhood and continues today. For a child in the 1990s, The Knights of the Zodiac is the most classic example of a successful anime. As one of the most popular Japanese animated cartoons broadcast on Brazilian open TV (originally on the late Manchete TV), the franchise created initially in manga by Masami Kurumada is still recognized today for its avant-garde position: it was a design that not only opened more the eyes of the public for this type of product, as it turned animes into a fever that never cooled down in Brazil.

The debut here was in 1994 and, so many years later, some information may have gone unnoticed or misrepresented. We have chosen eleven curiosities about the universe of The Knights of the Zodiac that cardboard fans will love to know – or probably to remember. Also worth knowing some games inspired in the anime, which we have already listed.

≡The 30th birthday was in 2016≡

Knights of the Zodiac
There are three decades of Pegasus Meteors, Andromeda Chain and Phoenix Bird.

The manga was released in Japan in January 1986, and it did not take long for Toei Animation to put the anime on the air on October 11 of that year. Up to 1989, 114 episodes were broadcast. After that, the franchise went through a significant hiatus and only returned to unpublished chapters in 2003, 17 years after its debut.


≡The Bronze Knights are all half brothers≡

Knights of the Zodiac
Mitsumasa Kido brought together a massive family of Knights.

As bizarre as it may seem, the manga describes that the 100 orphans selected to train for Bronze Riders are the sons of Mitsumasa Kido. That is, they were never “exactly” orphans. Mr. Kido’s story tells how, as a millionaire, he was very fond of traveling the world. Indeed, it was because of this particular taste that he arrived at the Sanctuary of Athens, Greece, he met Aiolos on the verge of death and agreed to contribute to the purpose of the Saint Seiya. Explanations for this is that he had sex (without a condom!) With many women in his “world trip” and then became a father so many times. It still seems unlikely, but that’s precisely what Masami Kurumada wrote.

≡Riders start working early≡

Knights of the Zodiac
It’s explained why they argue with each other for silly things sometimes.

It can be hard to believe if we take into account only its appearance. But the Bronze Knights were all teenagers ages are ranged from 13 to 15 years. These boys come early in life, do not they?

→Shura is a prodigy←

Knights of the Zodiac

If it’s already weird to think about how the Bronze Knights were cast to fight as a teenager, look at this situation: when Aiolos of Sagittarius was accused of treason, Shura ran after him not to let him run away. The Knight of Capricorn was only ten years old, but even so, he fired powerful blows enough to kill his best friend.Knights of the Zodiac

The Knights of Steel, the Crystal Knight, and Master Arles have something in common …

Knights of the Zodiac
The Crystal Knight does not even have a particular constellation.

… and this is: none of these characters exist in the original story of the manga and were created solely to allow different unfolding in the anime script. For example: while Camus of Aquarius is the master of Hyoga in the manga, in the anime he was trained by such Crystal Knight in the icy region Siberia(Knights of the Zodiac). The saga of Asgard also never existed in the comics, being produced exclusively for the television.

→Only one hero used the Phoenix Armor←
Knights of the Zodiac
“No coup runs twice on the same Knight. This is no secret,” Ikki said.

One detail that many people do not know is that Ikki was the only Bronze Rider who managed to expand his Cosmos to the point of using the Phoenix Armor. Neither before nor after him was there any other saint of this ability.

→The Knights of Taurus DO NOT renounce their names←
Knights of the Zodiac
Aldebaran is also the name of a star in the constellation Taurus.

Unlike what some believe, the Taurus constellation saints do not change their real names to Aldebaran when they receive the armor. This idea is misleading and has spread because of the manga The Lost Canvas. However, this work is a spin-off, and its history passes in an alternative universe to what we know. Therefore, the events and information from The Lost Canvas cannot be compared to the original series. This is confirmed in the manga Next Dimension because the Bull Rider is called Ox of Taurus. This indicates, after all, that Aldebaran was a proper name of that character, and is not applied to all who represent the taurine constellation.

Do knights know how to use teleportation?

Mu is displaying the beautiful armor of the Aries Constellation.

This technique even exists in the universe of Knights of the Zodiac. However, it is far from being seen frequently and even further from being within reach of any Rider. The only one truly capable of defying time and space in this way is Mu of Aries. He can move, along with objects and other people, with a maximum limit of eight heads.

→The 13th Golden Rider is real←

Armor of the Legendary Knight.

Although in theory there were only twelve zodiacal houses, in a distant past the home of Serpentary was active and had its Knight who even possessed a power above the others, considered legendary. However, thirst for power took his mind and Odysseus of Ophiuchus – as he was called – wanted to assert himself as a God, to usurp the Athena place and to dominate the Sanctuary. The other Gods destroyed him, and from then on he had the memories of his existence concealed, and the position of Serpentary Knight was extinguished.


→Saori Kido has several hobbies←

Athena’s reincarnation on Earth likes to spend her spare time taking songs on the piano or riding around. She also loves being in touch with nature and especially flowers.

→Saga has a dissociative identity disorder←

The excerpt from the manga that talks about the double personality of Saga.

The psychological disturbance of Saga is revealed in all letters by Mu in Volume 13 of the manga. “Saga was a typical case of double personality,” says the Rider of Aries. “In Saga’s case, good and evil were confronted in such a way that when good prevailed, it had the aspect of a God. But when evil was dominant, it could become a perverse demon.”


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