1001+ Best Telegram Group Links 2023 [Adult,18+, Girls, India]

Best Telegram Group Link List
Best Telegram Group Link List

Are you searching for a free best telegram group links list? Well, you have to go to the right place. In this article, we are providing you telegram group links list. With the help of group links, you can join them quickly.

The number of active Telegram users has overgrown over the last four years. There are many reasons why people use Telegram, including its security, the ability to create 200,000-member groups, and unlimited subscriber channels.

You can create up to 200K members in Telegram groups. Thousands of people around the world can hear our message. An estimated 200 million people use Telegram each month. The number of people in this group is huge and is growing daily.

Joining such large communities might have many reasons. The platform allows users to create their groups and invite users from around the world to join. Big organizations also use the group feature to spread their useful messages quickly.

Schools, colleges, universities, businesses, etc., communicate using groups. It’s possible to send and receive a message to hundreds of users simultaneously. Here are some of the best Telegram group links you should join in 2023.

The Trytechnical Team does not own these Telegram Group or engage in any illegal activities in them. We collect these Telegram Group links that are mentioned on our sites from other open-access Internet sites or that have been provided to us by users. Our team makes it a point to be careful and the Trytechnical Team does not take any responsibility for the misuse of the information, whether now or in the future.
SSC WhatsApp Group Link | Join 100+ Active Groups
Whatsapp Group Link – 2501+ Active Join links Collections Links Invites To Join.
New WhatsApp Group Link Collection [Daily Updated]

Group on Telegram

A Telegram group is a powerful feature of Telegram that helps you build societies or spend time with friends and family.

There are millions of telegram groups on the Internet, such as Adults, Girls, 18+, Groups related to Art, Entertainment, Education, and many other groups.

Below you will find the latest Telegram group links from different categories. Interesting users can be invited to any group on Telegram. Join the Telegram Group that suits you best by browsing the list below.

Telegram Group Links

Best Telegram Group Link List
Best Telegram Group Link List

It’s more like a message broadcast, but you can send multimedia. This includes audio, video, text, and images. There is also a group feature in WhatsApp, limited to 200 people. Groups can’t be expanded after they’re full. As a result, Telegram can handle 200K users. 

There is a difference between telegram groups and telegram channels; the difference is that anyone in the group can send messages. In contrast, only the moderator of the channel can post messages.

Without sharing your phone number, Telegram allows you to communicate with anyone. Do you want to join online telegram groups and find the latest links?

Here’s what you need to know. Our Telegram group links section currently has over 1000+ Telegram group links in various categories, such as Girls, 18+, USA, Indian, Pakistani, Telugu, Malayalam, Movie Link, UPSC, Dating, and more.

Telegram Group Link Policy

  1. It is important to post relevant materials
  2. Ensure that you abuse no one
  3. Respect each other
  4. Posting adult content is not allowed
  5. Follow all the rules that the administrator of the group has set
  6. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to force anyone out of a group
  7. We do not allow any promotion of any kind

Are you joining a Telegram group: How do I do that?

  • Please choose the category that best suits your needs
  • Here are the links to the Telegram groups that you can join
  • Click on the link of your choice
  • Thank you for joining our Telegram group
  • Enjoy!

What is the best way to create a Telegram group?

  1. Navigate to the menu.
  2. Select the “New Group” option.
  3. Create a new group by tapping the “New Group” button
  4. You must add at least one member to the group
  5. Give the group a name and upload a picture
  6. Click the “Save” button
  7. Have fun!

Here’s how you can add/submit a Telegram group link

If you have your groups and want to add your telegram group link to the above list, click the below link and submit.

Add Your telegram Group LinkAdd Your Telegram Group Link on Trytechnical.com

Telegram Group Links Rules March 21, 2023

  1. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations of the group itself.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to respect everyone in the group.
  3. Do not engage in any conflict with other members of the group.
  4. Be respectful of other members and don’t abuse them in any way.
  5. It is essential to avoid any spam.
  6. Content relevant to a group should only be sent to that group.
  7. It is not allowed to share any adult or illegal content.
  8. Please do not include any promotional links in your post.
  9. Having fun is always a good thing to do.

How to Join Telegram Groups?

  1. Once downloaded, run the app.
  2. Search for groups by their names or by general descriptions.
  3. Pick a category based on what you are looking for
  4. You can find the links to the Telegram groups by scrolling down
  5. You can click on any of the links above to find out more information
  6. You’ll enjoy it!

Telegram Group Links List March 21, 2023

Today we’re sharing the best Telegram groups in 2023. The number of members in a single group can be as high as 200,000, and we can have an unlimited number of these groups.

On Telegram Groups, you will be able to share an unlimited amount of videos and files with your friends and family members. In my opinion, Telegram groups are very useful for sharing content because you have no restrictions or limitations on the content you can share.

In addition to the Telegram groups, you can create a team meeting for your business using the Telegram groups. Here is the best telegram group links list for 2023 that you can join.

Best TikTok Telegram Groups Links

It’s just like any Telegram group except that here it’s just for TikTok users. Such TikTok Telegram channels are only for those who know and use the TikTok app.

TikTok TrashJoin Group
TikTok Followers and LikesJoin Group
TikTok ErrorJoin Group
TikTok GirlsJoin Group
TikTok MusicJoin Group
TikTok (Daily Life Hacks)Join Group
Hot TikTokJoin Group
TikTok KannadaJoin Group

PUBG Telegram Group Links

You can join and participate in PUBG tournaments with these PUBG Telegram Group Links.

Join the PUBG Telegram group. Funny PUBG videos on these channels. You’ll receive a custom PUBG room ID and password. I recommend you join these groups and share these channels with your friends and family.

We update PUBG Telegram Group Links on this page daily. If you are a PUBG fan, don’t miss this channel. Check out PUBG for memes, custom rooms, and news.

Rahul 360 GroupJoin Group
Pubg PlayersJoin Group
PUBG MOBILE WorldwideJoin Group
Jugad PUBG Chat GroupJoin Group
BGMI & PUBG Custom RoomJoin Group

girls telegram groups

This is the right place to find girls’ telegram groups and channels if you are looking for girls’ telegram groups.

By joining these groups and channels, you can meet new girls, start conversations with them, and make new friends.

Fashion Girls Vs. BoysJoin Group
Girls and boys all stylishJoin Group
Girls chatting groupJoin Group
Love & Couples Images Girls BoysJoin Group
Girls StyliJoin Group

Adult Telegram Groups 18+

Telegram groups 18+ are listed below. Among them are the top 18+ Telegram groups. Learning what’s valuable and vital to adults tends to be the most effective.

Please follow the link below if you’re unsure how to join a Telegram channel. Below are a few 18+ adult Telegram groups that you might find interesting.

Girl Plus Girl (lesbians)Join Group
Free Adult Dating ServiceJoin Group
The Naughty RoomJoin Group
UpsSsJoin Group
Indian GirlsJoin Group

10+ Telegram Funny Group Link

This is a list of funny Telegram groups. The fun is great. Isn’t that true? Those who believe fun is necessary for everyone should check out the trending telegram fun groups.

Here are some funny Telegram groups you can join.

Group List Pins Modified On
March 21, 2023
TrollboxJoin Group
Vine GifsJoin Group
MemesVine GifsJoin Group
Funny imagesJoin Group
Funny Videos & Sema ComedyJoin Group
Aesthetic name for channel telegramJoin Group
Real estate telegram group linkJoin Group
Telegram friendship group linksJoin Group
free dating telegram group linkJoin Group

Best Telegram English Group for Learning English in 2023

Are you interested in learning the English language? If so, what is your goal? Imagine making connections among the people who speak a language by learning it.

In this article, we will discuss the best English learning telegram channels which will be helpful for new learners.

Smart Vocabulary | English WordsJoin Group
American EnglishJoin Group
English Language Learning ChannelJoin Group
American English FileJoin Group
Let’s Learn EnglishJoin Group
English Chatting | InternationalJoin Group
English ExercisesJoin Group
(the) English ClubJoin Group

10 Most Popular USA Telegram Groups | American Telegram Group links

USA Telegram Groups are for those from the United States who want to chat with Americans. 

United States telegram groups are popular because of that. Finding the right person is difficult in America because there are so many people. 

You can use American telegram groups in this situation to find a friend. The USA Telegram Group is one of the most popular Telegram groups in the US.

If you are looking for USA groups on Telegram, I suggest you check out the groups I have listed in this post.

Custom & Msia RoadJoin Group
The Office USAJoin Group
USA Beauty, Cosmetic, and Makeup ProductsJoin Group
Faltu Health USA TipsJoin Group
USA – Deals, Discounts & Coupons/OffersJoin Group
Deals USAJoin Group
USA EducationJoin Group
The Office USAJoin Group
Business & Finance News USA EditionJoin Group
Food Family the USAJoin Group

Telegram India Group Links

Over 400 million Telegram users have been active over the past four years. There are many reasons why people love Telegram so much. 

It is secure, allows you to create Indian Telegram Group Links with up to 200000 members, and provides a Channel with unlimited subscribers.

Here are 10 New Indian Telegram Group Links. Use the Active Invite Links to join any Group. Join the right Telegram Group by checking the complete list of links.

Chat IndiaJoin Group
Bharat (भारत)Join Group
World HerosJoin Group
Binance IndiaJoin Group
HR Group IndiaJoin Group
India Smm panelJoin Group
Clash Of Clans Official (India)Join Group
Telegram chat group link IndiaJoin Group
Telegram indian dating groupsJoin Group
Indian telegram channelJoin Group

Here is a list of the top Telegram groups Indians can join to discuss various topics.

10+ best UPSC telegram channel

You will find all kinds of study materials, exam dates, and a lot of help to prepare for the UPSC exam on the UPSC Telegram channel in Hindi.

You can also prepare UPSC with daily updates in the UPSC preparation Telegram group. The telegram channel now helps many students with study materials.

If you are looking for UPSC Telegram groups or channels, you can find them easily on our website if you are searching for the best ones.

UPSC Optional Test SeriesJoin Group
Current AffairsJoin Group
UPSC Mains Test SeriesJoin Group
UPSC Materials Prelims Mains PDFJoin Group
UPSC Prelims 2023 Test SeriesJoin Group
Pdfbasket ‘UPSC’Join Group
Vajiram & Ravi Official ChannelJoin Group
Vision IAS (Official)Join Group
NCERT Books Official [Government Handled]Join Group
UPSC Topper Notes NCERTJoin Group

List of other Telegram groups in 2023

The number one priority for people worldwide is joining telegram groups by invitation. It can be about making new friends or starting a business.

Telegram groups are becoming increasingly popular for these reasons: Public Telegram, Indian Telegram, Education Telegram, Learning Telegram, etc. Be sure to join this group as soon as possible.

Jobs Telegram Group Links

Here are some of the latest Jobs Telegram Links available in India, Pakistan, and many other countries.

You’ll receive job alerts in your inbox via Telegram Group links. Jobs such as government jobs, private jobs, bank jobs, etc., will be notified to you. You can search for nearby job ads by joining these Telegram job groups.

Referred jobsJoin Group
Crypto FreelancersJoin Group
Digital Marketing JobsJoin Group
salesforceJoin Group
Jobs in IndiaJoin Group

Music Telegram Group Links

The following is a list of the best Telegram groups to discuss music-related topics on the Internet.

Music LandJoin Group
Music ChatroomJoin Group
Wicked MusicJoin Group
Music: ProductionJoin Group

Dating Telegram Group Links

List of 100% Active Telegram Dating Groups for Boys & Girls. Here are the best Telegram dating group links I want to share with my readers. 

The following is a list of all the Telegram groups you can join for online dating.

Girls chatting groupJoin Group
Hindi English Chatting GroupJoin Group
International FriendsJoin Group
Tinder Girls and boys chat funJoin Group

Cryptocurrency Telegram Group Link

Our list of crypto telegram groups/channels is designed to help the crypto world uniquely. Crypto Telegram channels that you should follow.

Whales Crypto GuideJoin Group
Altcoin & Bitcoin TradingJoin Group
CoinGape Crypto NewsJoin Group
Binance AnnouncementsJoin Group
Binance KillersJoin Group

10+ Best Loot Deals Telegram Channels For Shopping

Think of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopcluse, or any other online shopping platform where you can get offers or cash back. 

This post suggests the best loot deals on Telegram channels in that case since we’re glad to have been able to help.

Best Shopping Deals And OffersJoin Group
Online Shopping DealsJoin Group
Amazon deals Flipkart loots offersJoin Group
Paytm mall 1rs dealsJoin Group
Ajio Coupons & OffersJoin Group
StealSalesJoin Group
Biggest Loot DealsJoin Group
Online Shopping | AmazonJoin Group

best Telegram Group Links March 21, 2023 [Hourly Updated]

Over 200 million people use Telegram, an instant messaging app. Sharing group invitation links on other social media channels are allowed here. You will be invited to these groups if you click these links.

Other instant messaging apps do not support this feature. It is the administrator of these groups who sends invitations. Members of this group may be allowed or excluded by the administrator.

Finding the correct Telegram group link online is difficult due to the millions of telegram groups available. You don’t have to worry; Trytechnical will make finding the best group easy. Let’s move on.

Technology Telegram Group Links

Learn about the latest gadget reviews, updates, and news in Technology Telegram Groups. Meet with professionals to discuss various topics related to technology.

You can download all software and applications with Technology Telegram Channels for free.

Technology BoxesJoin Group
Gadget Newshttps://t.me/gadget_news
Desarrollo webhttps://t.me/desarrolloweb
Tech Byte https://t.me/techBYTE
Top Tech Programs Channelhttps://t.me/TopTechProgramsChannel
Technology Boxhttps://t.me/TechnologyBoxs
VorTech Softwareshttps://t.me/Vortechpc

From the above list, select a Telegram invite link. Click Join. Great! You are now a member of the Technology Telegram group.

Adult Telegram Group Links

The following link will guide you on joining a Telegram channel if you do not know how. We have listed a few adult groups on Telegram that are 18+ years old.

Girl Plus Girlhttps://telegram.me/pfff_lesbi
The Naughty Roomhttps://telegram.me/eroscam_group
The worldt.me/Actresssexyhd
HD Movies t.me/mdisk_18_desi_adults_hot_videos/249

06+ Telegram Movie Channels Link

People interested in movies and TV shows can use a movie Telegram group to discuss and share information. 

This type of group is designed to increase the level of social interaction and fun that can be had while watching TV or movies.

Vine Gifshttps://telegram.me/VineGifs
Marvel/DC/StarWars/Comic Fanshttps://telegram.me/MarvelDCFansKerala
Talk Series and Movieshttps://telegram.me/talkseriesandmovies
Video Sharehttps://telegram.me/VideoShare
Free Latest Netflix Movieshttps://t.me/amazoncontent
ALL HD FREE MOVIE CHANNEL 2.0https://t.me/+j06E09Y0ScI4MDRl

Motivational Telegram Group Links

Here are some Motivational Telegram Group Links you can join to get a daily dose of inspirational quotes and videos sent directly to your inbox.

By joining Motivational Telegram channels, you can manage your self-confidence and stay in touch with positive vibes.

Daily Motivationhttps://t.me/DailyMotivations
Motivation Quotes Hindihttps://t.me/Motivation_Quotes_Hindi
SS Motivationhttps://t.me/MotivationalMonk
Motivation Guaranteedhttps://t.me/Motive
SS Motivationhttps://t.me/SS_Motivation

Gaming Telegram Group Links

If you’re looking for Gaming Telegram Group Links, here is the list of Gaming Telegram Channels with various games and players.

Be a part of these Gaming Telegram Groups to discuss game strategy and share your tips.

Apps & Morehttps://t.me/Apps_and_More
App Store Dealshttps://t.me/AppStoreDeals
New gameshttps://t.me/newgames
change games 4 pchttps://t.me/pcgameschangames4pc
Pc Gameshttps://t.me/pc_game_down

Telegram also has plenty of other groups to connect with new friends, share information about your interests, and many other things.

The following are a few lists of other Telegram groups in different categories, so you can easily pick the one that meets your interests among the ones listed above.

FAQ On Best Telegram Group Links List

What is Telegram Group Link?

Getting a lot of members to your Telegram group is one of the best ways to get more people on your contact list without having to add them one by one.
To invite many people to a public Telegram group, you can share the group invite link on social media platforms.

How do I find and join a telegram group?

Start by searching for groups based on your interests on the web. You can find groups at https://trytechnical.com/best-telegram-group-links-list/.
Click the “Join Group” button when you find a group you want to join. To join private groups, you need to be approved.
Once approved, the group will appear in your Telegram chat.

Which is the best group in telegram?

Listed above are the top Telegram groups sorted by category to make it easier to find what you’re looking for:

Is it safe to join Telegram groups?

There is no need to worry about using Telegram groups as they are safe. The platform is based on peer-to-peer technology, which refers to the blockchain, meaning that as opposed to WhatsApp, Telegram mainly focuses on usernames as opposed to cell numbers.

How do Telegram invite links work?

If you have contacts, you can add them or search for contacts using their usernames. Send people a link that will allow them to join a Telegram group by sending an invite link that will enable them to join.
Creating an invite link can be done by going to Group Info > Add Member> Invite to Group via Link. Anyone with Telegram installed on their device can use the following link to join your group.

Why my Telegram group link is not working?

There is a possibility that the link to the group or channel you are trying to access has been changed or revoked. If that group is deleted, you may also see this message if that group has been deleted. You cannot view the group or channel if you have been banned or blocked.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Telegram and WhatsApp both have more trustworthy reputations, but that doesn’t mean your messages are automatically safe. Telegram’s app offers end-to-end encryption in certain areas, so you can keep your messages private.

How to change the telegram group invite link?

When you open your group, you must tap on this icon to open it up. When you open the details of your group, you will see an icon shaped like a pencil at the top of the screen, and you will need to tap on that icon to change your Telegram channel link. The icon is called ‘edit,’ You need to tap on that icon to proceed.


In this article, I have put most of the latest and Best Telegram Group Link Lists that will be very useful for everyone. Depending on your needs, you can use these groups’ names according to your preference. Feel free to send me your suggestions if you have any.

Here is a list of all the active Telegram groups you can join. Join them and make sure you follow the group rules as well.  

If you have any issues, please feel free to use the comment box to let us know. Thank you so much for everything you do.

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