How to activate the dark background of google chrome on windows 10


After many unofficial rumors, Google Chrome finally confirmed developing dark background mode or Dark Mode on Windows 10.

dark background

According to TechDows, Chrome developer Peter Kasting has almost confirmed the Dark Mode on Google Chrome on Windows 10 in a recent Reddit online post.

However, Peter Kasting does not reveal when it will be released on Google Chrome, only that Dark Mode is being actively developed by Google engineers and may be published on the latest Chrome version.

In addition to the Windows platform, Google is also said to be developing a dark background for the Google Chrome browser on macOS Mojave. This feature is expected to appear on Chrome version 72 or 73 on macOS launched in January or March 2019.


dark background

Dark Mode on macOS

But there is a problem with the application of Dark Model on Chrome, which is how to distinguish between the common dark background interface and the anonymous browsing mode. Because this browsing mode also makes the interface darker.

dark background

The difference between Dark Mode and anonymous browsing mode on Google Chrome is unclear.

Before bringing Dark Mode to Google Chrome, Google used to put this mode on YouTube’s interface.

Instructions on how to experience the dark background mode early on Google Chrome:

If you’re anxious to try the dark background interface on Google Chrome even if Google hasn’t launched yet, you can do it the following way.

Step 1: Visit the link here to download the trial version of Google Chrome Canary. After downloading please install as usual.

Step 2: Right-click on the Chrome icon that appears on the screen> Select Properties > Target.

dark background

Step 3: Click the way button to create a space and paste “-force-dark-mode” text behind the “chrome.exe.” Finally, click Apply > OK to finish.

Completing the above steps is complete, the interface of Google Chrome when opened will be completely dark while the icon, domain name, tabs, and settings will turn white to synchronize with the interface.

Good luck!


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