How to reset the factory for samsung


Hello dear Reader’s, here i am to tell you the steps to reset the factory for Samsung.

Nowadays reset is more complicated today but there are many processes as doing it easy.

Revolution Mobile Phones With the rapid developments in the mobile world and the increased competition among its manufacturers.

This has automatically increased the complexity of these mobile phones in terms of industry, equipment, and operating systems.

After mobile phones operated with simpler processors and primitive operating systems, Mobile phones now have more than one sophisticated processor and multi-feature operating systems with many software.

It is increasing the need to find ways to solve problems with these complex systems without resorting to maintenance that could be expensive In many cases.

Reasons to reset the factory.

Resetting the factory to mobile phones is a process that returns the device’s settings and status when it was first purchased. For many technical reasons, a mobile user needs to resort to this process. For these reasons:

  • Need to sell a mobile phone in factory condition and without files stored on it.
  • Repair multiple failures that can not be repaired by available means.
  • Delete files if they are not crucial to increase the memory space of the mobile phone.
  • Delete viruses and address breakthroughs in mobile phone.
  • Reset settings for what they were in case of errors, either because of human or technical error.

Samsung operating system and factory reset


Most phones operate phones manufactured by Samsung. Operating system Android, which is an open source operating system is being developed by Google Inc and was the first version of this system in 2008 .

Since the operation of the Android system is open source and is supported by many of the settings and advanced software tools for Balambr.n developers.

in addition to the ability to download applications from external sources shop Alandroed approved Google Play Store, it has been exploited this in the ease of discovering vulnerabilities to the system.

resulting in the production of multiple viruses that help its users to penetrate the devices that operate this system, or malfunctioning in the mobile phone is difficult to repair.

These cases sometimes force users of these devices to resort to the options to reset the work.

Reset the factory to Samsung

The factory reset option may be a recent solution for cell phones because the gadget records will be erased amid this procedure,

in any case, you can keep away from losing records by putting away them on an outer gadget previously you start, or using Android options to upload data stored on your device to an account Google phone user.

If there are reasons to resort to a factory reset, there are several ways to complete the process successfully, and vary in terms of the difficulty of implementation and possible cases.

Reset the factory from within the mobile phone settings

This method is the easiest way to be directed through the device settings, and is used only if the phone user can unlock the phone and enter the settings without problems, and is as follows:

  • Be sure to charge the mobile phone battery.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Press on the backup option and Reset. under the category of personal settings.
  • Pressing Factory data reset.
  • Clicking the Reset Device button.

Factory reset by loopback mode

This method is moderately severe since the design alternatives are not direct and require full telephone lock and right acess to the Recovery Mode menu.

This strategy is utilized when the cell phone client cannot get to the settings, Lock the phone; the technique is as follows:

  • Make sure to charge the cell phone battery.
  • Close the mobile phone from the shutter button on the sides of the phone.
  • Pressing the following keystrokes consistently (not a single keystroke but rather ceaselessly), which is the menu catch, the volume up to catch with the power switch on the gadget, clutch it for 4 seconds, and after that, the loopback menu will show up.
  • Move the volume down buttons and select Wipe data factory reset.
  • A tab confirming the will to complete the process will appear, the Yes option is pressed.
  • The reboot system now is selected.

After the completion of the factory reset

The machine will automatically restore the factory settings after the factory reset, restarts, welcome lists, and other settings to reset the phone settings.

The applications to be stacked on the gadget must be checked; many apps are user-friendly As useful applications, but in fact, viruses are interfering with the device to destroy the operating system, you must be careful and make sure before you start to download.

In its Android operating system, Google has added ways to save files, data, and numbers from loss by uploading them to Google’s cloud centers linked to the Google mobile user account for the duration of its use.


After completing the factory reset, the mobile user can sign in to his or her Google Account on his or her phone, and then take advantage of the available options to reload the data and numbers for this phone. This may save the trouble of resetting the device.


Now you can get your answer how to reset the factory for samsung. If you have still any doubt then comment below, i will try to solve it.


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