How To Turn On Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger finally has a feature a dark mode. Here you can find a way to enable dark mode on Facebook Messenger. Facebook promised an update that featured a dark mode earlier, and now the dark mode is here.

Dark Mode feature on Facebook Messenger

Users will no longer need to send each other the moon sticker to activate this feature on their Messenger.

After a month of stuttering and opening through the moon “emoji,” I wanted to enter the list of apps that support Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode.

Facebook has officially launched a global update to add this feature to the settings on Android and iOS Messenger apps from yesterday.

So since yesterday, users will not need to send each other the moon emoji to enable this feature. Instead, it has been integrated into an option in the settings. If you want to test this feature, you can refer to the instructions below.

First, click on your picture or avatar in the upper right corner just when you have just opened the Facebook Messenger application.

Enable Dark Mode on Messenger – step 1

Just below the display of your name, there will be a “Dark Mode” or “Dark Mode” option. You can touch it to bring the lever to the left or right with the two states turned off and on for this mode.

Enable Dark Mode on Messenger – step 2

Immediately, the Messenger app’s background will be dark.

Enable Dark Mode on Messenger – step 3

However, it is unfortunate that this feature has not been synchronized according to the account.

So if you log in to Facebook on multiple devices, you must manually enable this feature on each of your devices.

Once You have Unlock this feature using the above-given steps, you can toggle dark mode “ON” or “OFF” in the Facebook Messenger settings menu at any time.


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