Listening To Music Can Affect Your Creativity


In a recent study, the result indicates that listening to music can significantly impair your creativity. Although music will interrupt the creative process, we are not affected by the “background noise.”

Try asking people around you: Does listening to music while working bring the necessary creativity? Sure, you will get answers according to conflicting subjective opinions. A new study sought to answer this question by conducting a series of tests for volunteers.

NewAtlas said, all participants in this project speak English as their native language and do not have any visual or hearing impairments. Conduct three experiments, in which volunteers will be asked to perform a series of tasks that are often used to measure the amount of creative productivity in words. For example, a person will give a set of three words, such as “stick,” “maker” and “point” and ask participants to find a link word. In this example, the answer will be “match.”

In each experiment, participants will be asked to perform tests in a quiet environment, followed by listening to music and eventually background noise.

The first experiment showed that volunteers could complete the task when listening to songs with lyrics that didn’t mean anything to them. For example, an English listener hears songs with words in Spanish.

The second experiment, the participants will hear songs played with instruments without words, and the third experiment is songs with words that they can understand. During the third experiment, participants were also included in environments with a lot of ambient noise, such as voices that could not be recognized for other people’s surname, the sound of photocopiers, good typing rustling of paper.

The team found that the performance of creativity was significantly reduced when listening to music in all three tests compared to the process that participants completed them without any distractions. Even, even if participants confirm that music improves their mood, in the third test, it still reduces creativity.

Although music causes many disadvantages, noise does not significantly affect original performance. According to the researchers behind this experiment, this may be because it is a stable noise, while the music has or does not have words, it has a characteristic that represents changes in pitch or sound. Tone. These state-changing features can affect performance by interfering with the working memory of speech.

” In short, these findings are against the notion that music enhances creativity. Instead, it proves that music, regardless of whether it has words (meaning or no meaning). , are always disrupting creative performance in resolving issues, “the researchers stated.

This investigation was completed by researchers from Central Lancashire University, Gavle University in Sweden and Lancaster University and was published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology.


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