How To Login Multiple facebook And Gamil Accounts At The Same Time On Chrome, Firefox


Do you have multiple accounts on the same web service as Google, Twitter, Facebook … and you want to log them all at the same time on the same browser window? If you use Chrome or Firefox as your primary browser, you can easily do this, thanks to the small but handy utility called SessionBox.


SessionBox is a utility for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to log in multiple accounts simultaneously in the same browser window, without having to open multiple browsers, private (private) or incognito (incognito) modes.

How does the session box work?

Usually, when you open Chrome, Firefox and log in to a website with the corresponding account, the browser will save your login status through cookies. As a result, you don’t need to log in again every time you open a new card for that service.

Although this is an excellent and handy feature in most cases, it prevents users from logging in to multiple accounts on the same domain at the same time.


You can open private/incognito windows on Firefox, Chrome, but this is quite inconvenient, as you won’t be able to use common extensions, which are not enabled in private/anonymous mode… Also, all session history is not saved.

These are the situations in which SessionBox plays its role.

How to use the SessionBox

What this utility does is create a clean session on the same browser window. Therefore, instead of opening a new card, all you need to do is click on the SessionBox icon and then press the plus button.

After pressing the plus button, the SessionBox will open a new card that is completely different from regular cards. It is the card of another user account, and it does not share cookie data with the tags you are opening. At the new map, you name, group the session, click the OK button and then log in to the second account.

You can quickly identify the tags of the same session through its icon and color in the title bar or the SessionBox icon color at the top right corner. All cards with the same logo and color belong to the same session and will share the same cookie data.

Advantages of SessionBox

Not only Facebook and Gmail, but the SessionBox also supports you to log in to multiple accounts on many other services.

Also, this utility also supports shortcuts to help you complete the job more efficiently. For example, if you want to open a new session, press Ctrl + Shift + A. If you have multiple Facebook accounts for the same purpose, you can include it in the group for easy access. Physical.

Additionally, if the number of sessions you create is too much, the SessionBox also has a search box available to find the meeting you need in the fastest way.


In short, the session box is handy when you need to log in to multiple accounts on Chrome, Firefox but don’t want to open various browsers or use incognito mode.



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