Please Remove These Applications In The SmartPhone To Enjoy A More Complete New Year


The new year is started, and everyone has a plan for 2019. Maybe it’s a goal of losing weight, saving money or paying off debt or something bigger like improving yourself.

However, following the advice from Fast Company, you should start from your smartphone to start a new year better. It only takes a bit of time for you to remove some of the more harmful apps than it is. This will help you enjoy more fun and wonderful new year with your relatives and friends around you.

The app makes you depressed.

Many researchers reveal that social networks are very addictive because our brains release dopamine whenever we get new likes, messages or friends. Although this is said to be good, there is evidence that social networks cause depression, especially in adolescents and young adults.


The cause of this is because people often share almost their entire life on social networks. It made them believe that the lives of their friends around were thoroughly romantic, perfect and better than themselves. This causes people to think that things go wrong or feel inadequate in their lives, causing depression.

Therefore, using social networking applications will help you feel better in life, but, in the long run, it will make you worse, especially information scandals — users from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or FaceTune.

The app tracks you

Having “stalkers” is always watching our lives wherever you are. They are applications, and they will access the user’s location data whenever they want to see it. If it’s a person, for example, we can call the police to catch that person right away. So why do we let an application do that?

Can be listed to apps like Foursquare and Google Maps. Of course, they need to check your location so they can do their job properly, but they don’t need to access it constantly. And even if you disable the ability to track following locations on Google Maps, Google still has countless ways to turn you on. Another application that is widely used around the world to track any location where you go is GasBuddy, and now, it not only tracks your position but also does many other things…

“Pretend” applications protect your privacy but are not.

Everyone should use VPN to protect their privacy online. However, it is only useful when you pay for them and stay away from “free” VPN applications. The reason is that many VPN applications were discovered that sent history and browsing data to anonymous companies in China. And of course, the majority of other free VPNs will also sell your data to advertising companies and data mining to make money.

A popular free VPN application is Onavo Protect, owned by Facebook. Although this application allows you to keep your browsing history secret from your ISP, it does route all your online activities to Facebook’s servers, making it possible for the company to access it. Update your data. Apple was very angry about this, so it forced the company to remove the application from the App Store. However, this application still exists on Android.

Summary: Sure, you need to use a VPN application, but not for free. Paying a few dollars a month for privacy is a worth it.

Applications turn you into an “item.”

Remember, if you don’t pay for any online application or service, you’re not a customer but an item. The reason is that these companies intentionally collect as much data about you as possible, then pack and “sell” you to advertisers or others who want to know all about you.

After all the data scandals we saw in 2018, why do we continue to let these companies collect data about us? Can be followed by names like Facebook and Google. They start with applications called Facebook and Google. But not only that, but their other services also do this. For example, Facebook Messenger is one of the few non-default messaging apps that encrypt your messages, allowing the company to be free to read and bring ads to you based on conversations. Or when you sign in to Google Chrome, it will help Google track your online activities.

The app makes your time-consuming.

2018 is the year for us to realize how much time we have spent on smartphones. That also makes Google and Apple add features to support managing time on Android and iOS, helping you know how much time you have wasted on an application.

Although everyone will have applications that make us spend a lot of time, there are still common applications. Not to mention that games like Fortnite, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go or PUBG Mobile are very addictive, or other forms on this list are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. There is also Tinder, a dating app that makes you spend hours every day looking for strangers. A word of advice for you, don’t rely too much on technology. Get up and go to connect with people and find relationships around you. It will make your new year even better.


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