The Second Hiv Patient In The World Has Beeen Cured


The second HIV-infected British patient in the world was freed from the HIV after a bone marrow transplant from an organ donor with a mutated HIV-resistant gene.

According to Reuters news agency, male HIV-infected patients received HIV-resistant marrow stem cell transplant nearly three years ago. More than 18 months after this patient stopped treatment of antiviral drugs, the results of the tests did not detect HIV in the patient’s body. However, doctors are still quite cautious about their ability to cure AIDS.

Dr. Ravindra Gupta, a virologist at University College London, said the patients were “cured of function” and “relieved,” but: “It is too early to say this person has recovered (maybe The virus is still somewhere but not detected. ”


The first case of curing HIV 12 years ago was an American patient. He was also treated with similar bone marrow transplantation in Germany in 2007, and according to doctors, so far no HIV has been detected.

Dr. Gupta treated British patients while working at College London. This person was infected with HIV in 2003, and 2012 was found to have a blood cancer called Hodgkin lymphoma.

In 2016, the patient’s condition was frail due to cancer. The doctors decided to find the right source of organs because this was the last chance of his life. Donors – a stranger – have a mutant gene called ” CCR5 delta 32“, which is resistant to HIV.

Marrow transplantation is relatively smooth, but there are some side effects such as patients experiencing a difficult time to adapt to organ transplants – the condition of donor immune cells attacking immune cells — translation of the recipient.

This treatment can be applied to all patients but very expensive, complicated and risky. To work with other patients, the most challenging thing is to find the right donor, who accounts for a tiny proportion of the donors, most of whom are of Northern European descent – carrying the resistant CCR5 mutant virus.

Scientists also say it is not clear whether the mutant CCR5 gene is the only key – or that the adaptation process of the piece with the patient is just as important as both patients are out of HIV. Suffer from this condition – it may play a role in losing HIV-infected cells.

There are currently 37 million people worldwide with HIV. AIDS has killed about 35 million people since it was first discovered in the 1980s. Studies on this complex virus in recent years have helped to produce drugs that can control the infection — most patients.


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