Tips to insert random texts in Microsoft Word


Sometimes, because of work requirements, you need to insert paragraphs with no specific content to fill the page, filling the graphic objects on the text.

Random Texts

To do this, you often go online to search for random texts, irrelevant content to paste into your file, using “legendary” lorem ipsum sample text or text creation programs Randomly online.

However, few people know that Microsoft Word text editing software has a “secret” feature to create these “give” text. Here’s how to do it.

Generate random text with Rand function

If you want to insert random text (no specific or relevant content) to fill the page in your Word document, you can use the arbitrary content creation formula made by Word provided.

This first method is straightforward; you need to place your mouse cursor where you need to insert the text, then type in the following function:

= Rand

This function will automatically generate five paragraphs, each consisting of 3 sentences with random content.

According to our observation, the content of this text is to introduce some outstanding features of Microsoft Word software:

Random Texts

You can change the length of random text that Word creates by adding values ​​between parentheses in the upper function.

To do that, you need to type the formula = Rand (x, y), where x is the number of paragraphs to create, and y is the number of sentences in each section.

Take an example, and if you want to create a random text that consists of seven paragraphs, each paragraph has four sentences, you type in the following function:

= Rand (7.4)

Word has a limited number of random paragraphs and sentences you can create. But, if you need random text that is longer than the limit allowed by Word, you can repeat the function a few times until you are satisfied.

Generate random text of Lorem Ipsum format with Lorem function

If you are a “classic” schooler, Word can also help you automatically generate random Lorem Ipsum text with another function. Besides, even if you are not a “fan” of these related nonsense words, you should probably use it.

Because, if you use method 1, you create meaningful text in English (with content that introduces the features of Word), and this causes distractions for viewers, especially in In case you want readers to focus on the design and presentation aspects of the text.

How to implement method two is similar to plan 1. You place your mouse cursor in the position where you need to insert random text and type in function = Lorem () and then press Enter.

Word will automatically generate five random Lorem Ipsum texts, each consisting of 3 sentences.

Random Texts

You can also change the number of paragraphs, the number of random sentences inserted by adding parameters, similar to the Rand function.

For example, if you want to create four random sections, each consisting of 9 sentences, type the following service and press Enter:

= Lorem (4.9)

Note that, when using this method, randomly generated sentences are often much shorter than way 1. Therefore, you should consider increasing the value of the parameters to match the needs. Use her.

Create random “Quick Brown Fox” texts with the Old Rand function

” The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog ” (A quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog ). Did you hear this sentence familiar? If you’ve ever opened font files in Windows, you’ve probably seen this sentence.

The reason is that the sentence above contains all the letters in the English alphabet, thereby helping users easily observe the shape of each letter in the font set.

In older versions of Office, when you use the Rand function, Word will use the above sentence to generate random text for you.

However, since Office 2007, Microsoft removed this sentence from the random text generated by the Rand function and replaced it with the convictions we saw in the previous section.

However, Microsoft has not deleted this sentence from Microsoft Word software. If you want to create paragraphs that contain all the “fox and dog” sentences above, type the function below and press Enter:

= Rand.old ()

By default, this function will create three paragraphs, each consisting of three sentences:

Random Texts

Like the above two methods, you can change the two parameters between parentheses to adjust the length of the random section.

For example, when you type the function = Rand.old (5.5), Word will create five paragraphs that repeat the sentence over five times.

Hopefully, this Microsoft Word trick will help you in creating random text for your different purposes, especially creating sample text files (demo) to express your intentions. Presentation ideas, your design, or to make homework pages or essays longer!


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