Whatsapp group link Pakistan – Accepting links + Collection 2022 [Daily Updated]

Whatsapp group link Pakistan
Whatsapp group link Pakistan

Here is the latest and most active WhatsApp group link Pakistan List for May 24, 2022. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is still the most popular and fastest messaging application in the world. Many people prefer to join WhatsApp groups by clicking their invitation links.

You may want to join Pakistani WhatsApp groups as well if you are from Pakistan. It is for those people to find WhatsApp groups with a Pakistani community, so you have come to the right place.

In the current year, WhatsApp is the most popular social network. WhatsApp is used in almost 180 countries today. Every day, millions of people create WhatsApp groups and share information with others. Many groups have been created for Whatsapp in almost any category, including funny, sad, family, friends, entertainment, country-wise, and others.

You can connect with friends from Pakistan and around the world through Pakistani WhatsApp Groups. From these Whatsapp Group Links, you can do your marketing, provide services, and more.

Currents Number Of Groups786+Currents Number Of Groups786+
Number Of Active Groups786+ All Active
Number Of Dead GroupsNo Dead Groups
Join LimitUnlimited

Submit Your own Whatsapp group in the above List:

If you have your own groups and you want to add your WhatsApp group link in the above list given then click the below link and submit.

Whatsapp group link Pakistan
Whatsapp group link Pakistan

Below are the new Whatsapp group links of all topics like Urdu funda, funny poetry in Urdu for friends, Latest News, Study Zone, funny videos Pakistani, Technology WhatsApp Group, etc. Here you can find a direct join link, and this will help you to join quickly.

You will find a direct join link here for WhatsApp group Pakistan, making it easier to join the current year.

Pakistani WhatsApp groups

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Pakistani WhatsApp groups
Islamic thought CLICK HERE
Pakistani WhatsApp groups CLICK HERE
Islamic statusCLICK HERE
Pashto ShayariCLICK HERE
Poetry and UrduCLICK HERE
Facebook friends groupCLICK HERE
Wafa ne bewafie keCLICK HERE
Make friendsCLICK HERE
Funny groupCLICK HERE
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WhatsApp Islamic group link
Islamic thought CLICK HERE
I pray to Allah for guidanceCLICK HERE
regarding IslamCLICK HERE
through the Daily Islamic StoryCLICK HERE
Learn Hadith of the Quran onlineCLICK HERE
Ramadan preparationCLICK HERE
“Dars e Quran”CLICK HERE
Information about IslamCLICK HERE

You can also talk to girls and boys from Pakistani WhatsApp groups of your choice. This Whatsapp group is open to everyone, so feel free to add your friends if you wish. You can join Pakistani Whatsapp groups for free here. Request an invitation and join. 

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Boys & Girls of Pakistan CLICK HERE
Buy/Sell Community DarazCLICK HERE
Updates Log CLICK HERE
we love Pakistan CLICK HERE
WhatsApp Group for English LearningCLICK HERE
in an Islamic environment CLICK HERE
To Be Pakistan’s SupremeCLICK HERE
Religious LeaderCLICK HERE

The Rules of Pakistani Whatsapp Groups

Let’s talk about the Pakistani Whatsapp group rules. Following my hints will work just fine; you only need to follow them.

  • There are no fights
  • there is no spamming
  • just follow the rules
  • and don’t be harsh
  • respect them all
  • don’t abuse them
  • enjoy yourself

What are the steps to joining these groups? To join a Whatsapp group is very simple. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Open your browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Find the article you want and open it.
  • Select any of the above WhatsApp groups for Pakistanis.
  • Go to the Group Links section of the page.
  • To join the chat, click on the link, and ”’ll take you to Whatsapp.

Congratulations, you have successfully joined the group.

Please use the Contact Us form. Please send us the Whatsapp group invite link. Our team will manually approve the Whatsapp group link within 24 working hours after successful submission.

What is the process for adding my WhatsApp group?

Ans: Yes, please use the above link to send us your WhatsApp. All you have to do is click, add the group URL, and fill out the form. A member of our team will review it and add it.

Ans: If you create a WhatsApp Group, first share your group link with your friends, family members, and relatives, copy the link, and then share it with others.

Ans: It is only possible for group administrators to revoke a group link on Whatsapp. Select the group. Choose the group to revoke. Tap on “Invite via the link.” Click “Reset the link.” We have reset the existing invite link and created a new one.


In this article, I have put most of the famous and latest WhatsApp group link Pakistan that will be very useful for everyone. You guys can join the groups according to your needs. Feel free to ping me with your suggestions. 

In the end, I have put my best to provide you guys with all the latest and trending Whatsapp Group links.

If you have faced any issues regarding joining the groups or if the group links are not working, please tell me using the comment box. Thank you so much, guys.

Guys, I have created a Telegram channel where I update the free Premium accounts daily with email addresses and passwords. Join our Telegram channel if you are interested in joining our group to access our free accounts, and you can also request any other premium account you wish. 

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