Airtel USSD Codes – Complete List to Check Balance, Plan, and More In 2024 [Updated]

Airtel USSD Codes
Airtel USSD Codes

I didn’t understand what to write to start this topic, “Airtel USSD Codes.” I researched but didn’t get any valuable points to define the main point.

In this article, I am going through a complete list of AIRTEL USSD codes to check balance, plan, and more in 2024 or its current and future works.

We use different mobile networks to call, send messages, use the Internet, and do many more daily things. As we used these services from the telecom company, we must know about the USSD CODES to know the Main balance, net pack balance, data balance, unlimited balance, etc.

Airtel is the world’s 2nd largest network provider and the people’s choice. You can now have the best-valued plan at a reasonable price. So, recharge your Airtel and have it for your essential daily use.

Airtel USSD Codes
Airtel USSD Codes

You can use the Airtel ussd codes for data balance checks, Airtel prepaid ussd codes, and Airtel postpaid ussd codes from this article, which are listed below.

Locate the list in the article; you can find all codes, such as airtel 4g balance ussd codes, airtel ussd codes for rate cutter, etc., which you need to know as an Airtel customer.

If you use Airtel Sim and their services, you must know about the “Airtel USSD Codes.” It will help you to check your daily usage on your mobile devices. Daily usage includes Internet Data Check, full Talktime, and the latest offer.

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Airtel USSD Codes – Complete List to Check Balance, Plan, and more [Updated]
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If you are an Airtel customer, you don’t know about “USSD CODES,” what happens? You must call the customer care number every time to know your balance or help. You should know about the available Airtel ussd codes to get out of this rid.

Yes, we need these codes to know about the following Details listed Below instantly:

  • Airtel 4g balance check
  • Airtel 5g balance check
  • Airtel balance and Validity details
  • Airtel mobile number detail
  • Minute balance or Validity details
  • latest best special offer
  • Net pack plan details
  • And More

USSD CODES refer to ” Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.” It is also termed “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes,” it is a communication protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to connect with mobile network operators.

What are USSD CODES?

It is also used as “Wap Browsing,” location-based content services, and many more services network operators provide.

Example Of CodesExample Of Codes

In simple language, you can understand, “When you send a message to your mobile network operator, received by a computer, it’s dedicated to USSD. You will get a response from them in a basic format that helps you to understand easily on your mobile phone.

Suppose you are an existing Airtel customer who doesn’t know about “Airtel USSD Codes.” Then what happens? You must call the Airtel customer care number every time to know your balance or get help. So get rid of this. You should know about the available Airtel USSD codes.

Editor’s Recommendations

SMS PORT to 1909Mobile Number Portability
SMS START to 121Start Service
SMS STOP to 121Stop Service
SMS UNB to 121Check Unbilled Amount
1232# or *555#SMS Balance
14110# or 52141Airtel Loan
*121# My AirtelMy Offer
1214#Value-Added Services
1217#Last 5 Transactions
1237# STD SMS Balance
1238#STD Minutes Balance

This article shows that the AIRTEL USSD CODES are used in 2024 and are working fine. Above, you can check the list for Airtel USSD codes 2023–2024; some of them are below; you should check.

Airtel Current balance check*123#
Airtel’s Current balance check*121*1# or *121*9#
3G balance Code*121*2#
Airtel Mobile Recharge Coupon Code *121*3#
Airtel Hello Tune Code *121*4#
Airtel Active Services Check Code *121*5#
Last 5 Charge Check Code*121*7# Then type 1 and process
Airtel Digital TV account*121*6# or Miss Call on 8130081300 From your Registered number

Under this section, you can find the code for the Airtel balance check:

*123*10# or *123*# Check for Free 2G Data Balance / Main balance
*123*11# Check for 3G Data Balance
*121*8# Check for Airtel 4G Balance
USSD CodeFunction
121 Airtel Customer Care Number
198 Airtel Complaint Number
*121*1# OR Call on 12131 Airtel Number / Best Offer Check
*282# Get Airtel SIM Phone Number
Dial *141# OR Call on 52141 Airtel Credit Talktime Loan Code
*121# Airtel Self Care Menu 
*678# Caller Tune
*888#Airtel Missed Call Alert
  • Dial *141# and Proceed to “Share Talktime”
  • You have to put the ussd code ” *141# “and dial; after this, you can see the above image, select 1, and proceed with the options, and you are done.
  • Airtel has some transfer limits, meaning you can transfer Rs.5 to Rs 50 only to a specific Airtel number.

Everyone is busy nowadays; if you forget your mobile number [ In the case of Airtel ], you can use the below CODES to check your Mobile Number.

*282# *121*9#
*121*1# *121*51#

In the modern day, we all have a smartphone. You can check your balance through the MyAirtel App. This app is available on both platforms, Android and IOS. To download, click on the respective links.

Nowadays, everyone wants to check their account balance quickly, and the best solution is the Airtel ussd code.

Airtel ussd codes let you check your account balance, remaining SMS balance, and other details related to your account within a minute.

Grab the Airtel ussd code from the list provided in this article, and you can save valuable time while checking your account balance, data balance, SMS balance, etc.

Your information will be in your hands in a rapid process.

SMS START to 121Start any service
SMS STOP to 121Stop any service
1909DND Activation / Deactivation
*141*10# or 52141Airtel Loan Number
*123*11#Check for 3G Data Balance
*282# OR *121*1# OR *121*9# OR *121*2# OR *121*51#Check Airtel phone number
SMS “START” to 1909Activate Airtel DND Service
*121#My Airtel, My Offer
*121*4#Airtel Value Added Services
*141*10# or 52141Airtel Loan Number
*141#Airtel Talk time Gift Service
SMS 3G to 121Airtel 3g activation USSD code
*141# and Proceed to 1Airtel Rs.10 Credit Talktime Loan ussd Code
*141# and select the “Share Talktime” optionAirtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code
*121*9# OR *282#
Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check USSD Code (Find Airtel number)
121 OR 198Airtel Customer Care number
*888#Activate Airtel Miss Call Alert Service
*111#Latest Best Offer Active on your Airtel Number

Step 1. First, download the App [via the link above] on the respective platform.

Step 2. Register your mobile number through the App.

  • You will see all offers and account details on your App home page. * On the Android Platform
How can I check my Airtel data balance?

There is ussd code available to check the Airtel data balance; you can check the list from the article for the required ussd code.

What is the USSD code to check the SMS balance in Airtel?

There is ussd code available to check the Airtel data balance; you can check the list from the article for the required ussd code.

How can I check my last five deductions on Airtel?

Go to the list in this article, pick your ussd code, and try. Please feel free to ping me if you face any issues with the code.

Here is a list compiled from airtel ussd codes 2016, airtel ussd codes 2018, airtel ussd codes 2019, airtel ussd codes 2020, and airtel ussd codes 2023-2024 as well, where all the records are put in one list, and you can easily access and use them.

Now, mobile operators provide instant information about the connection plans and tariffs by push notification.

All you need to know is the ussd codes for the task you want to perform or the query you want to do from your phone.

Now you have everything in one place – A complete List of ussd codes for Checking Balance, Plan, etc. To know more about the above topic, ping me in the comment box.

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