Websites like Chegg – 11+ Best Alternative Websites Like Chegg

websites like chegg
websites like chegg

Many students are searching for websites like Chegg that aren’t as well-known. Other websites like Chegg are free, so you won’t have to pay a monthly fee to ask questions.

Where can you find the best alternatives to Chegg? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find a list of websites similar to Chegg. Our previous article covered free Chegg answers and free Chegg accounts. Take a look if you’re interested.

Chegg is an American educational company. You can get physical and digital textbooks, tutoring, and other help with your homework and lessons on the app. 

You can also apply for internships and scholarships on Chegg. Unfortunately, you need to pay to use these services. In addition to textbooks for rent, Chegg also offers a plagiarism checker and flashcards for students.

Listed below are a few of the best websites, like Chegg. Depending on your needs, you can select the best option.


Do you need a tutor with experience? Try this. This company makes completing assignments and homework more manageable by assisting subject-matter experts.

Helpful Link: (Working) 31+ FREE Chegg Accounts & Password

A tutor can guide you on how to produce a flawless piece. Choose a monthly plan or pay as you go.

They provide excellent customer service. Digital whiteboards, good messaging capabilities, and good sound and video are some of the best features.

Providing students with high-quality assistance from subject matter experts, Grademiners makes it easier to complete assignments and homework.


BetterBooks, a popular online textbook and e-book seller, offers up to 91% discounts. Buy or rent textbooks from BiggerBooks and save more while studying.

Grammarly Free Premium Cookie And Accounts | Updated And 100% Working

You can also access an e-textbook instantly. Students can also earn money by selling their textbooks to BiggerBooks.


In 1997, BookFinder was one of the first book rental platforms. They are also known for having the lowest book prices on their platforms, similar to Chegg. 

Finding books has been made easier with BookFinder. There are over 100,000 booksellers to search through. With BookFinder, you can search for a book’s exact edition.

Helpful Link: Here’s How To Sell Books On Chegg: Sell Your Used Textbooks

Interestingly, you can choose the specific edition of a book you want on websites like Chegg Homework Help. You can select the price range based on your needs.


One of the best websites, like Chegg, is PaperHelp, which may even be the best paper-writing service. We highly recommend it.

Students can choose what kind of writing they want for their assignment in this program. Moreover, PaperHelp helps scholars produce original content.

The best part is that it provides privacy. Data and information are protected from unauthorized access.


As an alternative to Chegg, Quizlet was free and better. Quizlet can help you with all types of schoolwork, from textbook problems to explanations of difficult topics.

Just sign up and start asking questions. You could find explanations and related questions regarding those textbooks by searching their names.

Many things are free, but a paid upgrade option is still available.

Note* Slader got acquired by Quizlet

Trust and accuracy are the keys to TutorBin. Therefore, you can trust TutorBin to complete your assignment accurately.

Here, students get to submit their work to the best experts. This way, they can improve their grades and better understand their concepts.

A unique feature of TutorBin is the ability to participate in a live session with our tutors. With a live session, you can connect with tutors when you prefer.

One of the best alternatives to Chegg is The company offers a free and premium plan called Answers+, which is considerably cheaper than Chegg Study. 

You can choose other plans starting at just $1.99 per month (billed annually). Additionally, you can sign up for a monthly plan for $9.99 a month.

Also available on the platform are valuable study guides, including collections of common questions and answers. You can use them to your advantage. 

24-Hour Answer is an excellent platform for a professional tutoring team’s quick and affordable college homework help. It is one of the best websites like Chegg.

Ensure you get help 24 hours a day with homework assignments, practice questions, laboratory reports, and more. With whiteboard technology, you can connect with live tutors for multiple topics.

With Bartleby, students can get help with their homework. This includes Bartleby Learn, Bartleby Write, and Bartleby and Bartleby Tutor.

For just $4.99, you can access your first week of Bartleby Learn. Chegg Study offers a proofreading tool, but Bartleby Learn doesn’t.

After subscribing to Bartleby Learn, you can ask up to 30 questions per month and go through a vast collection of previously answered questions.

Subscribe to Bartleby Write if you need help writing essays. It’s only $9.99 a month.

School Solver is one of the best online educational platforms where tutors and students benefit. Since 2014, it has been the world’s top site for online tutoring.

There is a wide range of prices students are willing to pay at School Solver, from as little as $0.50 up to $100 for an answer. You are likely to get an answer much faster if you pay more.

The platform does not require a monthly subscription fee, as Chegg does. Due to the per-question fee, even one question a month doesn’t matter.

It’s free to use Quora, just like other websites like Chegg. It allows you to ask as many questions as possible and get expert answers.

Quora’s biggest problem is that it is difficult to know how accurate its answers are. Therefore, it is essential to review the profile of the answerer to know their qualifications and background.

Quora supports multiple languages, so you can easily use the platform in your native language if English isn’t your first language.

Note* Watch out for people who copy-paste their blog posts as answers to generate traffic to their blogs.

All those who are starting in content writing will find this helpful. The service provides full assistance by reviewing content. 

It is one of the other websites like Chegg. You can submit your essays to them, and they will review them. Your articles will be checked for grammar, spelling, and tone. 

No matter how good or excellent the original service is, there are always alternatives. Sources like Chegg serve as similar alternatives.

Since 1999, Chegg has been an online education provider, offering textbook rentals, solutions, tutoring, and other student services. 

In addition to helping with homework, it offers a variety of internships and scholarships.

Note* Getting access to its services requires payment from the student.
  1. Help with assignments and research papers.
  2. Textbook Rent
  3. Tutors for students
  4. Buying Textbooks

Here are a few introductions to what Chegg is. A full article will follow soon.

Is there another website like Chegg?

Above, you can try the listed websites like Chegg, but some are free. Most of them charge you something for their services.

Where can I get free Chegg answers?

You can get free Chegg answers this way. Create one on the Reddit site if you don’t have one. You can then ask Chegg questions in that community. The answers are usually given within a few hours.

Which study site is better than Chegg Study?

Course Hero is the best alternative to Chegg. Is Chegg worth it? There are more than 60 million study materials available.
There is also the option to ask a question and get an answer or browse textbook problems and step-by-step solutions.

In this article, we have done our best to disclose all the information about websites like Chegg. Additionally, we tried to provide you with all the necessary information regarding other websites like Chegg.

Chegg likes websites for free from this article. After that, if you face any issues, please contact us through our comment section or contact form to get your answers. 

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