10+ Best Alternative Websites Like Couchtuner (FREE MOVIES)


If you are looking for the best sites like Couchtuner? Then it is for you. You can find many options available on the internet. A lot of choices is available other than Couchtuner.

Most of the similar site is free of cost. Here you can stream or watch new movies for free on their platforms (Couchtuner alternatives).
Their sites have been changed a lot due to the legal actions being taken on their website.

Here you have an option to switch to available alternatives which are available for the Couchtuner and enjoy free streaming online movies and in there best quality available on the internet.

One such much well-known spilling site is Watch Arrangement whose primary area, Couchtuner, has been hindered in a few nations including Australia, U.S., UK, Canada, to give some examples.

Regardless of being visited by a great many watchers online to watch the most recent films and Programs in H.D., the site has been rendered out of reach.

Couchtuner changed their domain a lot, and the only extension has been changed like Couchtuner.is to .ch (Couchtuner.ch) and many more. Due to this, you can see a lot of Couchtuner alternatives are present nowadays, which will help you to watch or stream movies or tv.

It does help that the Couchtuner staffers regularly update these sites with the latest movies and T.V. shows. Hence, even if the primary domain, 1Movies.tv, is hindered in your nation, you would at present have the option to get to it at blasting quick speeds.

10+ Best Alternative Websites Like Couchtuner

Couchtuner was until recently the go-to destination for legions of movie buffs where they could stream the latest movies & T.V. series online for free from a gamut of genres.

However, of late, the website has been geo-restricted in several countries including Australia, UK, India, Canada, US, et al. due to ISP bans.

Currently, the best Couchtuner alternative to get. Tv unblocked at school/college/work is via Proxy and mirror sites.

Below is a rundown of the best Couchtuner alternatives that will let you stream movies and T.V. shows online in H.D. quality for FREE! Additionally.

You don’t need to worry about copyright encroachment since a significant number of these Couchtuner alternatives are legit and safe to use. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

So, down below is a lowdown on ten best working Couchtuner site and mirror sites that are currently the best alternatives to get Couchtuner. Tv unblocked anywhere in the world. Let’s get started.

Quick Link: 10+ Best Alternative Websites Like Couchtuner

SL. No. 10+ Websites Like Couchtuner Status Link
1.SolarMovie Onlineclick here
2.Popcornflix onlineclick here
3. BigStar Movies onlineclick here
4. 123Moviesonline click here
5. Hulu onlineclick here
6. fmovies.zone onlineclick here
7. Kodi onlineclick here
8. TV Series Netonline click here
9. vumoo.lifeonline click here
10. Yidioonlineclick here
11.fastdramaonlineclick here
12.couchtunerhubonlineclick here

1) SolarMovie: First and foremost, SolarMovie doesn’t require any registration. You can visit the site and start streaming tons of latest movies and TV series in 720p HD with reckless abandon.


Another reason why we recommend SolarMovie is that it boasts a massive library of HD movies and TV shows that pander to the needs of every type of cine buff.

All in all, SolarMovie is one of the best Couchtuner alternatives for those who don’t like signing up on free streaming sites.

2) Popcornflix: Another formidable alternative to Couchtuner , you can find movies from literally any genre on Popcornflix. Not to mention, a ginormous library filled with everything ranging from cult classics to latest smash hits ensures that Popcornflix stays at the top of the game.

You can also use its simple search bar to skim through movies based on genres such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Comedy, etc.


Furthermore, TV show junkies can also revel in action and stream latest episodes of their favorite documentary such as Game of Thrones, The 100, The Walking Dead, etc. with ease and grace.

3) BigStar Movies: If you are interested in watching unique content aka indie movies, film festival winners, award-winning documentaries, or international films, then lo and behold.


BigStar Movies is your go-to destination. Finding movies that are a refreshing change from the same old’ cliched Hollywood movies is not easy.

But, with BigStar Movies by your side, you can browse through hundreds of free offbeat movies that are updated every week with new additions.

Furthermore, you can stream all these movies on devices such as Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and more. You can also go premium if you want to access the full catalog.

4) 123Movies: A goldmine for unabashed streaming of movies and TV series from genres galore, 123Movies is a viral site for that has become synonymous with watching free movies online.


Perhaps the main reason why 123Movies is one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner is that the site doesn’t experience lags and remains quite stable and bug-free most of the time even when the traffic is high.

However, the 123Movies has had several run-ins with copyright issues so it would be better to access it via a VPN service.

5) Hulu: Another great source for watching episodes of TV classics such as Modern Family, South Park, SNL, Hulu has come far and how.


Close on the heels of Netflix for some years, Hulu now offers its list of several channels for live streaming and also lets you watch the latest movies.

Which is why it can be counted as a great option if Couchtuner are not working. Heck, Hulu also offers access to free in-house content but you will have to pay a subscription of $5.99/month to enjoy unlimited streaming services.

6) fmovies.zone: With a just simple search bar on its homepage, fmovies Movies takes searching for movies, anime, TV shows, and high-quality videos online to a whole new level.


Sporting a responsive UI for very easy for navigation, fmovies.zone also provides abundant streaming options for free.

You can choose movies from a plethora of genres ranging from action to comedy and even stream TV shows and Anime.

7) Kodi: Available for both Android and desktop-based users, Kodi is an open-source streaming platform with a massive variety of third-party add-ons that offer customizations and numerous streaming options for watching free movies and TV series.


Do note that Kodi isn’t an authorized service, so chances are it could be geo-restricted in your country. That being said, Kodi remains one heck of a Couchtuner alternative for digital stream content for free for many people.

8) TV Series Net: If you want to quickly know about who dies next in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then TV Series Net is a free streaming platform wherein all your curiosity pangs will be satiated.


Apart from Game of Thrones, you can also catch up with the latest episodes of other TV series such as The Walking Dead, Supernatural, The 100, Grey’s Anatomy, and the list goes on.

Furthermore, you can relish lag-free streaming of high-definition videos that guarantee an optimal experience.

9) vumoo.life: Apart from sporting an interface starkly similar to Netflix, Vimeo.Life also provides free movie streaming in full HD online.


What’s more, without any registration you can quickly browse through and stream plenty of movie genres, and top-rated IMDB videos and trending videos. Of course, you can also stream all the latest episodes of TV shows including Game of Thrones and Supernatural.

So much so, before watching a movie or TV show, you can check out their description or straight up use the preview option to screen them. All together, Vimeo.Life is a decent Couchtuner alternative if you are addicted to full HD movie streaming.

10) Yidio: The best Couchtuner alternatives for those who want to stream content from multiple sites simultaneously, Yidio is a unique search destination that provides the best of all worlds under one roof.


It encapsulates various movies and T.V shows streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and other digital content providers on its portal so that you don’t have to keep multiple tabs open.

The result is a vast library of free movies and TV shows as well as live streaming options.

How to Watch Westworld, The 100, Supernatural or Game of Thrones on Couchtuner alternatives?

The alternatives as mentioned above are the only credible, free streaming services left to fill the void. These Couchtuner alternatives will be worthwhile if you want to stream buffer-free high definition movies and TV series online.

Now, there’s no stopping you from streaming the latest HD episodes of The 100, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Westworld, or whomever your favorite TV series is.

Best Couchtuner Alternatives: couchtunerhub

Just visit any of the listed websites and start watching tons of movies & T.V shows online over and over again all you want. No more relying on any fishy downloads, no more seeding. All these best alternatives to Couchtuner on our list have a rich library of HD videos that will keep you preoccupied in your downtime.


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