Chrome Does Not Change To The Old Interface, User Are Angry?


In September, Google refreshed the interface and added a series of features to the Chrome browser. Of course, not all users like that change, so Google still allows them to change to the old interface as before.

According to BGR, the ability to switch back to the old interface is no longer available after Google released Chrome 71, which made many people react harshly. Specifically, there have been dozens of complaints on Reddit or Twitter showing the overwhelming frustration users have for Chrome in particular and Google in general. The allegations are mostly focused on not being able to turn off the tab sounds. Even more, people had lowered Chrome 70 or lower versions so they can use the “normal” interface before even Chrome programmers issued a warning.


Peter Casting, the Google engineer, wrote on Reddit: “Please do not do that anymore! As a Google Chrome developer, we recommend that you switch to a browser other than using versions. Old Chrome, it can have serious consequences for you and other users “.

Perhaps Casting wants to mention that older versions of Chrome will not receive security patches and make users more at risk. He claims that after weeks of use, users will likely adapt to Chrome’s new interface.

This can be seen, not familiar with the interface only occurred in the first few weeks of use, but it is worth mentioning that users are willing to “risk” not to suffer the new interface of Chrome.


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