How to convert files from one format to another


Hello readers, i am here with a new article in this i will show you how to change files format to another one. You can find many items regarding this on the internet but here are summaries of all. The file format is a way of storing and encrypting. It helps you determine what you can do with it and which software can open it.

Think about it, each format is like every other language, and only a few specific platforms and applications can understand it. Sometimes, to open a file, you will need to convert it to a format supported by the platform or application you are using.

For example, a text file processed on macOS cannot work on a Windows 10 computer. Or a website requires you to upload a photo and request a specific file type. In these cases, you’ll need the help of the necessary applications. In this article, Popsci will offer the best format conversion software and provide a few more tips to help you avoid wrongly encoded files.


First: Check the application available on the device

Often, applications will allow us to choose the format to save. For example, if you are viewing a document on Google Docs, click File -> Download as … Here, it will display a list of formats that you can download, including Microsoft Word, PDF, and plain text (pure text format), or other forms. Desktop software like Word or Pages also offers the same format options.

Like a word processor, most image processing software also allows you to save your images in varieties of file types, so you can easily choose the kind that suits you. For example, you can export a model from Photos app on macOS by clicking File -> Export. Here, it will allow you to choose between JPEG, PNG or TIFF format.

Also, you can also save multiple files in different formats to use for each software you want. Of course, you can not always use the original software to create this file. So, you will have to use conversion software. And the use of software depends on the type of data you want to handle.

For videos

For videos, you can use Handbrake or VLC software. Handbrake (available for Windows, macOS, and Linux) can convert almost any video file to any other accessible format. This software is quite simple and has standard installation modes to optimize for each different device, including iPhone X. Also, it also provides more settings for codecs, specific standards. You want to save your video file.

Besides, VLC Media Player (for Windows, macOS, and Linux) can also play all video formats, including MPEG-4, H.264, WMV, and MKV without having to install any additional plug-in. Print. This software can also switch between many different file types. You can access Media -> Convert / Save on the interface of the software. VLC will ask you to select a video file from the hard drive, then choose the format you want. After this step, VLC will create a new copy that has been reformatted on the computer. Besides, you can also insert subtitles or highlight fields during conversion or even batch convert files at the same time.

For photos

There are many image conversion software you can use, however, in this article, Popsci will introduce three software that they find to be the best.

The first is XnConvert (for Windows, macOS, and Linux). This software allows you to change image size, color depth, and even more text when converting. It also allows you to batch convert images in one go.

Next is the Adapter (for Windows and macOS), which has a slightly more user-friendly interface. Start by dragging the files into the application’s interface, then select the output and click the Convert button. It also allows you to change the resolution and quality of the file and batch conversion capabilities. Even, this software will enable you to switch between popular audio or video file formats.

And if you don’t want to install any software on your PC, try the Zamzar website. This tool supports conversion of more than 1,200 different file types, including images, video or audio. You will have to provide your email so that this tool sends you the link after the conversion is complete.

For sound

Some of the above tools like Zamzar or Adapter can also handle audio files. However, if you want a specialized software for audio conversion, consider the software below.

Getting started is free: ac is entirely free (for Windows, macOS, and Linux) supporting a variety of formats ranging from FLAC to MP3. Besides, it also offers many different options to customize sound quality. Click the Add audio files button located in the upper left to put your audio file into processing, then select the output format in Options -> General settings menu. To set a specific output file, go to Options -> Configure selected encoder. Finally, press the blue Play button on the toolbar to start the conversion process.

If you want to be simpler, use Freemake’s Free Audio Converter (Windows only). You have to drag and drop your audio file, select the output format from the list below and then you can enjoy the result. This application supports popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, and FLAC.

And if you want to customize your audio file more before converting, use Audacity’s free sound editor, available on both Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition to audio editing tools, you can optionally convert files between different popular formats. To do this, you must open your audio file, then click File and select Export.

For text

Compared to music and movie files, the text seems simpler. However, switching between text formats is more complicated than we think because it is different between formats such as Word of Microsoft, Pages of Apple or any other software.

Because of that complexity, if possible, we still recommend opening this text file with the original software and converting it to any other format you want. If you don’t have such software, consider using a web application. You can use Microsoft Office or Apple iWork versions online. You can use these tools from your browser for free.

If you need a dedicated tool, try Doxillion Document Converter Software (for Windows and macOS). This application supports Word, HTML, PDF or other popular formats. This application is also quite easy to use. You need to click the Add Files button to create the file list, then, choose the output format. It is done.

Finally, you can try FileZigZag’s free online text converter. This tool can handle almost all different file formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF. Like Zamzar, you must provide your email to receive the download link as soon as the file is converted.



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