Evite Alternatives: 11+ Best Alternative Websites Like Evite

Free Evite Alternatives
Free Evite Alternatives

Hello, the reader How are you today? Here, I came up with a new article. In this, I will go through the top 11+ Evite Alternatives, or what may be called sites like Evite (an invitation service).

We used them earlier to send online invitations; using these services, you can easily invite people. 

You can find many of them while searching for them on the internet but you have not seen any useful ones, so here I am with the top 10 best Evite Alternatives, which you can use in the new year 2024 or the future.

It is one of the best, and the free service was announced in 1998 online; it is a free advertisement service. Its co-founders were Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala, and the conglomerate bought it in 2001.

Evite Alternatives
Evite Alternatives

Its growth is rapid due to its free service and pop culture references. Using this free service, people can send invites for different occasions and make it easier than our traditional invitations( I am not saying our usual request is terrible or something like that, but it takes some time).

By using or sending an invite through Evite, you have all the details for that ceremony, or, in other words, the party.

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Then you have to enter the email addresses and phone numbers of all the people or guests you want to invite to that party, and then finally click on the “Finish and Send” button.

Nowadays, Evite is losing its popularity due to the fact that the creators are not maintaining sufficient content and aren’t improving the user experience of their products as compared to their present competitors.


Now let’s start with the excellent service with an Evite alternative. As I mentioned above, previously, I went through many sites to invite people. 

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You don’t have to waste time asking for extra stuff. You can quickly go through these websites, and you can trust their natural process.

  2. PINGG
  11. Mixily

Punchbowl was founded in 2006; it gained popularity like Evite, and it is the best platform. It became popular when it was featured in PC World’s “25 Web Sites to Watch” and also won the MTX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) award for serviceability. 

Evite Alternatives

Punchbowl is very user-friendly and easy to use. Its free service allows you to send invites to 100 guests per event, and you can also send digital cards to up to 10 recipients in a month, which also includes advertisements on the invites.

This excellent website helps to plan the event and send RSVP cards, and these cards can be tracked and also post updates to guests through the site. It is one of the best-known alternatives to sending online invites.

If you are looking for a simple design, then it’s for you. If you are going to use this free service, you can send an invite to a recipient list of up to 75 people.


It also offers excellent features, like selling tickets for third-party events or collecting donations. 

As you know, these free services will include advertisements. Well, leaving this advertisement section is one of the best sites like Evite.

One of the great features offered by Pingg is that you can also upload your photos and design; it is used during invites. You can track and also send updates about that event to the guests.

It’s one of the best Evite alternatives for inviting people online. It was founded in 2009; it has an iOS app; and on the website, any number of customizations are available.

Evite Alternatives

paperless post is associated with famous fashion designers (Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and a lot more), which will help to get a new design on the invitations.

Two thousand email addresses are the maximum to send free cards on this website. By using Flyer, you can share your events on platforms like social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and even support SMS, email, and more.

It also allows you to do some customizations using free cards, like an image or your design.

It is one of the best paid online invitations as compared to Evite (it’s free). Here you can find many cards related to your event, or you can create your own custom card according to your game. 

Evite Alternatives
Evite Alternatives

Some categories have limited themes. It has an application readily available on the Apple App Store.

You can easily interact or chat with your guests; they can suggest different venues and times for your event. To use any of the services offered by PurpleTrail, you must first sign up on this website, which is simple to use.

You can upload images that remain at an appropriate size and are very easy to track. This website also helps to create personalized planners.

Marian Naficy founded it in April 2007. If you are that person looking for delightful wedding cards, then this website will help you “minted.” This website is mainly for wedding invitations. 

Evite Alternatives
Evite Alternatives

They have too many collections for different ceremonies. While using this website, you can quickly get your work done in less than 10 minutes, approximately. 

This website has independent designers; you can work with any designer to create your design or get ideas from them. On this website, you can buy stuff like gifts, calendars, stationery, and more.

This website’s owner’s name is Trisha Logan; she works in product development as the creative director. This is another of the best websites on this list of the best Evite alternatives.


This website allows you to create and manage your event in your own way. First, you have to create an event page on this website, Shindig, and now customize it by adding text, pictures, videos, and animations.

You have to provide all the details or information on the event page, and then you are ready to send the invitation via social media (Facebook, etc.) and email. 

This website allows you to earn money by selling tickets to Shindig. This website tracks all the transactions because you don’t face any issues while using it, and this helps us work easier.

The most elegant electronic invitation service comes from the experience of opening a “traditional” printed invitation. 

It offers an elegant design that is customizable in your way and makes it easy to send invitations directly to friends and family. It offers various invitation cards available for different occasions.

It also allows adding music, location (through Google Maps), animations, images, and more. It’s a paid service for creating and sending.

You can check their membership package on their official website. It allows you to send RSVPs and is easily trackable, and it also allows you to send a single invitation to a family by grouping them.

This website can be used for any possible event, like personal or business. It offers a 100 percent customizable design, or you can choose it from its board of elegant designs. 


These websites have free as well as paid services; the free service allows them to send invitations to 10 recipients only.

For more, you have to go through pain; it means you have to pay for a single event, or you can purchase a membership for unlimited activities.

Like the above, you can also send and track RSVPs, and you can also sell tickets on Sendomatic. One more thing: these invitation cards are advertisement-free.

As we all know, Facebook can be used for many purposes. By using it, you can also send invites to people. As compared to other Evite alternatives, invites are not as user-friendly or efficient. 


Most of the time, you can see that these invites are left unnoticed. First of all, you need an account, and then create an event on Facebook. We then have to go to the event and click on “Invite.” 

You can send an invitation to friends by entering or using their names, email addresses, or mobile numbers. Another tap is on the profile of those people, and then click on “Send Invites.” Invitations that we send through Facebook are easy and free.

One of my best and most-used party invitation sites is Mixily. It’s very simple to set up, there are no ads, and most importantly, no spam will be sent to the people at your party. Here is my list of Mixily tricks and tips.

It’s easy to use, and it comes with a lot of tools that make the RSVP process smoother, like customizable invitations, guest list management, automated reminders, and tracking RSVPs.

If you’re going to use email to get RSVPs, I suggest Mixily. For all of my events, I use this tool, and I always tell people to use it.

Based on your tastes, you can turn on and off a number of options, such as:

  • Invite a guest. By entering an email address on the event page, your guests can invite other people.
  • List of guests. If you turn this on, other guests will be able to see the list, which will show that people are going to the event.
  • Extra Ones. You’ll be able to tell if your friends have added +1 to their RSVP.

Here are my top three picks. Use one of these, and you won’t go wrong:

  1. MyPunchbowl
  2. Crusher
  3. Pingg
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A lot of people have many questions about the Evite alternative. Therefore, let us get a few frequently asked questions by the users regarding the alternatives.

Do I need to pay for using Evite alternatives?

You didn’t pay any money. If you are interested in buying, then you have to pay; otherwise, cancel your subscription and try the other alternative.

How can I get Evite alternatives?

Well, the easiest way to get Evite alternatives is by visiting here daily.

Are the free Evite alternatives safe to use?

Yes, all alternatives are entirely safe to use and carry no risks at all.

Finally, now we know about the best Evite alternatives. You will get an idea about these sites; Evite is still used worldwide. By using the above, you can quickly send invitations to your loved ones. These websites listed above might be helpful for you.

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