(Working) Free 50+ Spotify Premium Accounts

free spotify premium account
free spotify premium account

Who doesn’t love music? Haha, everyone loves to listen to music. If you are the one person who is searching for a free Spotify premium account, then it is for you. And when it’s about listening to our favorite songs, here comes the name of Spotify Premium, the best music streaming app available on the market today.

Nowadays, everyone wants to listen to songs without downloading them. So here is the solution. A Spotify premium account provides you with the facility to listen to songs without even downloading them.

You must log in to a premium account and listen to as many songs as possible. In this article section, I will provide you with some Spotify premium accounts for free so that you can access Spotify Premium and enjoy streaming unlimited songs.

Here we have some Spotify premium accounts for all of you. You have to copy-paste this account to enjoy its premium features. Premium Spotify logins are given below in this article.

Originally from Sweden, Spotify technology provides international media services. Sweden is home to Spotify’s headquarters. 248 million Spotify users, including 113 million subscribers, use the service currently.

free spotify premium account
free Spotify premium account

Spotify is famous for the fantastic features it provides to its users. Spotify allows users to browse content by parameters such as album, artist, or genre.

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Users can create, edit, and share playlists as well. Today, Spotify works on most modern devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, iOS and Android smartphones, and tablets.

As of now, Spotify offers two types of subscriptions: Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, where both subscriptions offer unlimited listening time.

free spotify premium account
free Spotify premium account

If you aren’t interested in buying a premium package for Spotify, then you can also enjoy free unlimited songs without any cost. Here, you can only listen online, and you aren’t able to download it on your device.

If you are the one who uses the free subscription, then you will see some ads while listening to songs.

  1. Listen to any album song, playlist, or podcast without ad breaks.
  2. You can download and play songs offline.
  3. You will get high-quality sound.
  4. And More***

Here, Spotify is free, though it gives unlimited listening time. It’s not free of ads, which may be annoying for users. But with Spotify Premium, the user never faces any commercial ads during the listening time.

free spotify premium account
free Spotify premium account

Sound quality is also 160 kbit/s on Spotify free, whereas Spotify Premium gives up to 320 kbit/s, which is quite good compared to Spotify free.

Users can listen to music offline by downloading songs on Spotify Premium, whereas Spotify Free doesn’t allow them to download files to their devices.

Spotify offers four different types of plans for users. The procedures are described in the table below.


To sign up for Spotify’s premium free trial, follow the steps we have put here. For simplicity (the normal way), we have put the instructions pointwise. Now, follow me:

  1. Open the Spotify home page in your browser and hit the sign-up button.
    In case you can’t find it, here is the link: CLICK HERE
  2. Here you can sign up using your Facebook profile, and else you can sign up using email. We will consider using email.
  3. Put your valid email ID in the form, and then again, enter the email ID in the confirm email ID form. Then choose your desired password and fill in your DOB.
  4. After filling out the form (you must use your valid details), hit the sign-up button. This will navigate you to another page where you must select your desired plan type.
  5. After you go through the sign-up process, your account will be ready to use.

Here are a few account shares below, which you can copy and use as a premium. You can use these accounts as personal, but don’t change any details of any account shared by us.


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What is Spotify?

Spotify is the most subscribed music streaming app, where you can access unlimited songs and listen to them without even downloading them.
Also, Spotify provides a feature to download songs for offline play.

Why should you go to Spotify?

As Spotify gives you many attractive features, you can’t deny their offers to get one for you. You can download the songs to listen to them offline, make your playlist, and add your favorite song.

Would I get some free trials?

Yes. Spotify offers a 90-day free trial for users so that they can explore the platform and make themselves comfortable with the app for a pleasant experience.

In this article, we have provided some free Spotify premium accounts for all of you. I hope you guys will love the article and enjoy Spotify Premium.

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