IDM does not catch the download link and the fix


Hello friends, i am here to solve the link issue while downloading through IDM. This article will guide some methods to overcome IDM status without automatically catching the download link on the computer web browser.

It is one of the most popular download support software available today. However, due to the majority of users using the fake version, it is unavoidable for errors, making the software incompatible and not automatically catching the download link in the browser. Here are some steps to follow…

1. Check the version in use

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To be compatible with most browsers and operate stably, you should update IDM to the latest version. To check you need to open IDM, select Help -> Check for updates and update.



2. Check IDM’s settings

Make sure you have enabled the auto-download feature of IDM with the browser you are using. To check you open IDM, then select Option, on the General tab, you need to make sure that you have to check your browser and want IDM to download the download link as shown below automatically.

* Check out Chrome extensions.

With Chrome browser, in most cases, you will need to reinstall the extension so that the software can automatically catch the link to help you.
To install the utility of IDM, you can copy the following link on Chrome browser: ” chrome: // extensions.” Here you find the IDM Integration Module to see if this extension is enabled.

In case the utility is turned on but still can’t automatically start the link, please delete the service. Then find the path containing the IDM installation directory, usually C: Program Files (x86) Internet Download Manager. Here, you see the file, IDMGCExt.crx, and drag and drop into the Open utility page on Chrome to install.

If it is not, open IDM again, select Options, navigate to the General tab, then uncheck the box and then accumulate the Use advanced browser integration box still. The software will automatically integrate with the operating system you are using.

Now you can enjoy this automatic download link feature of IDM. you can download this application here.


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