Canadian scientists have found a simple way for the human brain to remember more things by simply draw without having to make notes or memorize it.


If you need to remember something, the best way is not to write down notes with enough colors or save them on a smartphone, … but to draw it into content shapes.

According to Sciencealert, drawing is a useful support tool for memorizing more than writing on paper, reading information or using other visualization techniques. This is the result of research published recently by Canadian scientists.

The research team at the University of Waterloo, Canada, said that the elderly who learn how to memorize by drawing had improved their ability to memorize while reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

However, you don’t need to be an excellent artist to memorize information. Even just doodle can significantly enhance your memory.


Melissa Meade, one of the researchers, shared: “We found that draw improves memory in older people more than other learning and memory techniques. We feel very excited. With this result and continuing to study more ways to help people with dementia or memory impairment and language function “.

Previously, the team tested over 48 volunteers, half of whom were about 20 years old and about 80 years old. They are required to undergo a series of tests to assess their ability to remember. They will be observing a sequence of words and have to write the word out in the usual way or use the draw to describe those words.


After taking a break, volunteers will be asked to check their ability to remember words. Of course, young people have shown the ability to memorize words superior to the elderly. But there is one obvious common point: that both are able to memorize more words by drawing them out.

Meade shared with HuffPost: “Painting is a simple task, and it can be easily done in everyday life to improve memory. An example of drawing a picture of some vegetables you attend planning to buy for a meal will help remember that information longer than writing it on paper “.

The team thinks that drawing can be useful because it is one of many different ways to help us describe the same information. For example, I am using visual descriptions with images, patterns, words, semantics, and even strokes.

In other words, drawing is just one of the ways that many parts of the brain work and participate in better storage. If you are wondering whether is there any way of remembering distinguishes between old and young, then the answer is no.

Some previous studies have shown the benefits of drawing and the ability to remember in young people. But the latest test by a Canadian team of researchers examined the elderly, and the results showed that things had improved significantly.


Human memory ability often declines over time, but drawing can be a great way to reduce the rate of aging of the brain, enhance memory function and limit dementia.

Meade said: “We think drawing is a particularly suitable method for people with dementia because it helps to exploit the function of the brain areas that need to be protected while supporting treatment for patients. Suffer from cognitive impairment and memory “.

The findings of a Canadian team are essential for treating patients with dementia or for improving their ability to remember information.


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