The Genesis Order Walkthrough – V79062

The Genesis Order Walkthrough
The Genesis Order Walkthrough

You can get the Genesis Order Walkthrough by reading this article, which includes a tutorial and an explanation of the Genesis Order’s conclusion.

How to get into everything: All events, scenes, places, and people are usually updated.

Want to know more about the Genesis Order Walkthrough 2024? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a complete walkthrough for The Genesis Order in this post.

Move through the opening until the gym and farm are marked. That’s where our walk-through starts.

At the beginning of the game, you create a character, choose a class or part, and change how you look. 

You could also go through training to learn how the game works and how to play it. 

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As you move through the game, you’ll go on quests or tasks to learn more about the world and the main plot.

  1. Tasha’s in-game shop (XXX) is called the Warehouse, and it’s hers.
  2. Buy a workout shit (store) and go to Jon’s garage to get in-game money.
  3. Work out in the gym with Heather.
  4. In the game, you have to move the barn and then push the rest of the hay bales out of the barn.
  5. Get in-game To make money, get money from Jon (storage), buy the shovel (shop), and farm figures.
  • Give Strip Center the NPC x1 figure for $200.
  • Apartments > Right Alley> Get the wallet and give it to NPC Channel 4. Get the car fob from the shop, then give it to the Channel 4 NPC for a chest key.
  • Open the chest outside the Farm’s main house (upper left area) to get the first key.
  • Go to the store and buy enough items for your house to call Hanna, but you will need pages, and there are yet to be any.
  1. Check out apartments—scenes and events.
  2. Buy Jump Shoe at the Store
  3. Gym: Buy a membership; check the dressing room (upstairs, to the right); get the jump shoes (lower right corner); get the phone (top locker).
  4. Go to the strip center and talk to Ella (who has pink hair). Get out of the car and go to Tasha’s shop.
  5. Forest
  1. Wikes Mansion, to the yard, right side of the chest
  2. Page: Apartments—Left alley

Wikes Mansion:

  • Go in.
  • Turn left up the stairs.
  • Look for the statue under the tree on the left in the yard.
  1. Catch the angry cat outside Tasha’s shop and give it to C*ndos.
  2. Booty Call: Buy Erika’s outfit and the best accessories you can find, and then call Erika.
  3. Tasha’s shop is where you can buy the new scene.
  1. Church: Talk to Judy. Move the box near Chloe (lower left corner). Get the shredded wire (on the same floor as Judy). Now go to the right of Chloe and Judy to get the recipe.
  2. Ray’s Farm: Go to the house in the game
  3. Buy the metal detector for $140 at a store. Then go to the dock and get the fishing thimble. Then go to the building and get the cable crimp. Now, go to Ray’s in-game Farm and find the other cable crimp and the lock pick.
  4. Make the rigging cable, and then talk to Father Brian in the church.
  5. Police: Enter the building, turn right, go to the top left door, finish the minigame and get the access card, leave the room, press the exclamation point, and type in the code: 102 (this is her real address, you can check the c*ndos if you want to).
  1. The church garden is in the bottom right area of the chest.
  2. Page – Open the box (church – attic)
  3. Call to Erika – Booty Call (New Page)
  4. Tasha’s shop is where you can buy the new scene.
  5. Lillian, who likes big houses, needs help, but you still need to help her.
  1. Apartments > Ella > Gym > Larry (red shirt) > Strip center> Gift! > Apartments > Ella
  2. Heather’s house > Help Header and Carol (back of the house) > Ray’s farm > Barn > Get the fertilizer (top right) > The red hose button will water the plants.
  3. Barn: Get the making recipe (top left); apartments: Right door; Ella’s room: Get the leather straps; Heather’s backyard: Get the wood handle (top right); Heather’s backyard: Right door; Ella’s room: Get the leather straps. The Kitchen of Heather: Get the table called “Dull Blade.” Angelcrafting is what you need to make the Machete.
  4. Help Hanna and Chloe in the forest. Use the Machete (on the right trees) > Get the piece of the artifact and give it to Jonathan (Warehouse):
  • Farm (in the bottom right spot) Police Station > Talk to cop > Test Dick Grill > Talk to the Girl; I don’t know the key to my locker; For $250, open the gym closet.
  • Page: (Forest > Waterfall) Open the box.
  • Booty Call: Give Ella a call (New Page).
  • Shop for a new picture and outfit.
  1. Meet Erika at the apartments. Find the Lockpick on the right side of the house. Use it on the locked chest (front door, right stairs) to get the house Room Key. Back to the office, take the right steps, go through the first door, and get the hob to flip back to the office. Take the left steps. Check the paper (Morgan 142). Get the Burner Flip (142) unlocked.
  2. (Turn on two Gargoyles in the house)
  3. Go to Eve Cathedral and meet Chloe. Return to Eve Cathedral and use the Lockpick to turn on the Gargoyle outside. Turn the Gargoyle on by going left. Outside > Get the Key to the Unknown.
  4. Farm > Meet Carol
  5. Enter the house through the front door, go up the left stairs, and open the locked chest (a silver statue).
  • Get the Cheese: house > front door > right stairs.
  • Give the Cheese to the rat outside the shop on the left side to get the key.
  • Shop: Purchase the photo
  1. Farm: Recipe for Drive Shaft > Find what you need > Craft it (Angelcraft) > It’s for Hannah.
  • Warehouse (upper right corner)
  • Warehouse: Rubber Boot (to the right of the car)
  • Buy Grease (Store)
  • Broken Drive Shaft: Unlocked when the recipe is found.
  1. Farmhouse: Get the light; girls: go back (Cave).
  2. Then Go home.
  3. Warehouse > Police Station > Police Station > Warehouse Go right, convince David, talk to his computer (!), and then go left. Go left > Left > Up (basketball court) > Go left. Go down and through the right door.
  • Turn the valve (outside > left (needs more grease from the shop) > inside > right) at the police station. Get the ball from the girls’ bathroom near the basketball court. Try your luck and get the chest key.
  • Farm > Cave > Open the chest to go to a new page
  • Talk to the Girl in front of XX shop: Find her cross.
  • Cathedral: Cut down the right side of the trees, get the crucifix, and give it to the Girl.
  • New Page: Mansion > Front door > Right stairs > Right > 1st door
  • You can collect two booty calls and two shots from the shop and the XX shop.
  1. Police Station > Enter > Right > Wikes Mansion > Talk to Lilian > Turn on the 5th gargoyle (number is on the floor)
  2. XX Shop: Go in and talk to Nellie. Go to Wikes’s house and use the key on both locks (near Melissa).
  3. Place the blue block on one of the two-floor switches, then stand on the other.
  4. Heather’s house is on the second floor, in the bathroom.
  5. Upstairs, get your clothes and break the jar to get the key.
  • To use the 5th Gargoyle, go from Farm to Up to Cave to Up to Farm. Go up the stairs and open the chest to get the Page.
  • Wikes Mansion > Upstairs Left Get the Shovel.
  • Shop: Buy the photos and clothes, then call Carol.
  1. Upstairs: Bathroom, Change Clothes, Pool, Kitchen (turn right), Change Clothes.
  2. Break the jar (Outside > Right) on the Farm. Get the recipe for Aloe Lotion:
  • Heather’s laundry room, which is to the right of the kitchen.
  • Store ($100) is the basic container.
  • Aloe Plant: Farm > twice head north
  • The essence of Medicine: Cathedral > Break the Jar to get the Old Book > Another Jar inside > Left stairs for another Old Book > Right stairs > Make a gift (a bronze idol).
  1. Make Aloe Lotion and give it to Chloe. Then leave the house.
  2. Gym > Cathedral > Go in and get Judy’s clothes, then go back, Break the jar, go right, How to Make a Seed of Knowledge.
  • x3 From the Old Book:
  • Intelligence’s core: You have it
  1. Go outside, pull up the plants on the right, and turn right. Once more > Go up. Go inside, turn right, take the batteries out of the clock on the wall, and turn left. Larry (Gym) needs the batteries.
  • Shop Outside: Talk to the man. Get another Aloe Plant from the same place and give it to him to get a Chest Key.
  • Open the box where you found Sister Judy to get a new page.
  • Last Old Book: Wikes’s mansion, right stairs, first room, enter, look left, and then the last Page. Make a Knowledge Seed
  • Picture of a new booty called.
  1. After the phone call: > Police Station > Talk to the Girl (!) > Talk to David (turn right) > Buy a box at the store, put a metal figurine in it, and take it to the police station. Please give it to her! Talk to Andrea (who is upstairs).
  2. Buy the dress suit from the store. Buy wine from Dick’s Grill. Where Andrea Lives > Break the jar to make the Seed of Strength (Step 4 is needed)
  • 1st Dumbbell: Gym (bottom left)
  • The Police Gym (basketball) is the second dumbbell.
  • 3rd Dumbbell: Farm 2nd Floor
  • Break a Jar (Eve Cathedral): Essence of Strength.
  1. Visit Judy (her room is Cathedral) to see a scene.
  2. Visit Hanna’s Farm and finish Step 5.
  3. Go into the police station, turn left, and break the jar to get the recipe for the Soot Cleaner:
  • Heather’s House > Upstairs > Bathroom (Soap)
  • On a free patch of ivy (at Andrea’s house):
  • Break a Jar of Phosphoric Acid at Dick’s
  • Simple Container: Keep
  1. Eat the recipe for the seed of power to break metal jars.
  • Home of Andrea: Golden Figure
  • Lockpick the door, use it to open the safe on the first floor, get the belt, and give it to the man upstairs. Open the box to the left of the door at Andrea’s house to get a new page for Ella.
  1. Go to your bed.
  2. Police Station > Melissa > Upstairs Find Andrea > Channel 4 building
  3. Break the bottle in the police interrogation room to get a metal hook. Building for Channel 4: second floor > Go to the right and get the rope and hook from the table.
  4. Wikes Mansion > See the gargoyle (on the outside, on the right side, on the third floor)? Click on it.
  5. Police Station > Scene > Melissa’s office (right side)
  • Forest Waterfall: Gold Figurine
  • Church: Go outside to the building’s left side and get the key.
  • House > New neighborhood (Keep going forward; before you leave the room, you’ll see a chest on the left.) Turn the page
  • Booty Call (Lillian): Buy the dress and the picture.

Go to the shopping center, then to the Eve Cathedral, enter, turn left, go upstairs, break the Jar, and take the Glass Plane.

  • Sand: The waterfall’s left bank
  • Coal: The backyard of the house
  • Dock, make the weak rock groan.
  • Sodium Carbonate: Go into the mansion through the backyard and get the plant from the right fireplace.

(Eve Cathedral) Give the glass pane to Father Solomon.

Upstairs, Downstairs, Right, Melissa’s office: Police Station

Right off the Eve Cathedral is Judy’s room.

Forest > Tell Father Solomon > Follow Him > Eve Cathedral > Find out how to make the Holy Water Bomb.

Buy a simple container (in the Shop) and use it with the Cathedral’s pond (at the Front Door).

Chalice: Eve Cathedral Attic (left up the stairs > top Floor).

The essence of intelligence is to Make a gift (Eve Cathedral is on the upper right).

The lid of Extreme Holiness: Turn on the Gargoyle near the Sodium Carbonate, then go to the second floor of Eve Cathedral (a new area).

Show the Holy Water bomb to Father Solomon

NPCs and Free Roam:

  • Find a key near the new bathroom in Eve’s Cathedral and use it to open the Box on the second floor to get a new page.
  • New Page > Booty Call > Hanna

Apartments > Talk to them > Go outside > Break the Jar and get the two-sided poop recipe:

  • Break the Jar inside the package (left).
  • Do it twice: Buy them at X shop for $200.
  • Buy glue at a store.

Make the thing and give it to Ella (apartments).

Police Station > Heather’s house > Go upstairs and break the jar (half of the chest key) > Enter Chloe’s room (right) > After the voyeur scene (outside), get the dumbbell (garden, right side)

Go left, talk to the cop, and give him $2,00.

Free Roam:

  • Church > Second Story (turn left and go upstairs) > Get the Old Book
  • Apartments > Ella’s room > Don’t remember what it was, but pick up something > Go outside and look for the other part of the second chest key (Right building, first floor, first window).
  • Buy glue at the store, then go to your collection and click on glue.
  • Farm: 2nd floor > left room > Open the Box and get to the next page.
  • Carol Booty Call & Store Pics
  • Channel 4: Come in and talk to the question mark > For $300, you can break the Jar. Get the bag of trash in the bottom left area > Elevator > two bags of trash > Right >> Another piece of trash. (Store) Buy a box > Inventory > Click on the Box and put x4 garbage. Give it to the person at the front desk (Channel 4, second floor) > Talk to her boss and give her $2,000

Farm: Break the jar in the bottom left corner to get the Hatchet Recipe.

  • Wike Mansion > On the Roof (left side)
  • Handle: Go into Wikes’s house, get the Chapel key half, cross the house until you come out the back, and go down the path to the left.
  • Grip: The roof of Andrea’s house
  • Glue: Shop
  1. Craft the hatchet; go to the farm; go north; cut down the tree; go left; cut down another tree and get the key to the farmhouse; go inside the farmhouse.
  2. Wikes Mansion > Dining Room > Break the jar for the chapel key half > Join the two chapel key halves together (buy glue if you need to). Back of the house > Right path > Move the stones > Enter > Check out the crystal. Open the chest (462), and the artifact piece will fall out.
  3. Andrea’s house (if you don’t have an aloe plant by the Farm, get one)

Free Roam:

  • Forest > North > Cut down the tree to find the key to the second chest > You’ll need glue to attach both chest keys. Farm > North > Left > North > Open the Box to the next page.
  • Lilian’s Booty Call: New Page
  • Apartments > Heather’s house > Eve Cathedral
  • Shop outside, break the jar, and you’ll get rubber waste.
  • Get the key from the warehouse and give it to Erika at her flat.
  • Warehouse > Click on the tree on the left to get the Wrench, and click on the tree on the right to get the Grippy Shoes Recipe:
  • Police Station (outside): Use the wrench to fix the water. Warehouse: Use the wrench to fix the old truck and get rubber boots.
  • Give Carol (at Heather’s house) some grease and rubber boots.
  • Father Solomon’s room in Eve Cathedral. Get the old shoe, go to Heather’s house, get the other old shoe, and use them to make the Grippy Shoes.
  • Old Shoe x2: Father Solomon’s bedroom and Heather’s roof
  • You have rubber waste (step 2)
  • You can buy glue.
  • Eve Cathedral outside > Go up to the left part of the roof > Tell them you fixed the roof > Find a note with a clue in the attic > Father Solomon’s bedroom > Open the safe (code = 215)
  • Home of Heather > Go back to the last scene’s room and open the Box to find a page.
  • Go to your desk, then turn left at the police station.
  • Get inside the Eve Cathedral > Right on!
  • Gym
  • x3 Chisel: Roof of Eve Cathedral, Roof of Wike Mansion, and Roof of the Red Building at Farm.
  • Eve Cathedral: Break through the wall in the ground
  • Gym: Upstairs

Free Roam:

  • Upstairs at the police station > To make an item fall, click on it to the right and below the fountain. The basement > Get the key to the Box.
  • Get the shining item that looks like a locker key and use it to open the Box to get a page (Carol).
  • Downstairs: Two locker keys (colored stones on the front wall); Upstairs: Shinto Shrine Bell, Dumbell, and Unbreakable Pick are in the lockers.
  • Open the Box in the basement of the Eve Cathedral
  • Call Carol after you buy everything.
  • Police station > Right (Melissa) > Wikes Mansion > Go upstairs (right stairs) and then downstairs > Open the Box with your Lockpick (in the same room as the last scene) > Go to the left and turn on the gargoyle.
  • Eve Cathedral: Go underground (enter, turn left, go to the second room on the left, and go down) and get the blow torch.
  • Farm > Caves behind the Farm> Open the Box> Use the torch with the TNT > Enter > Get the blue item > Follow her
  • The pool at Heather’s house

Free Roam:

  • Get an old book from the same room as the first scene in Wikes Mansion.
  • Strip Centre: Man with an exclamation point > Set him on fire
  • To get the chest key, shoot the barrel near the red building.
  • Upstairs Left > x2 left > Downstairs Left > Get the page by opening the Box.
  • Call Nellie and buy everything from the Shop (picture and Outfit).

Wikes Mansion > Talk to Erica inside > Forest > Up > Beehive (get Honey Comb) > Give honey to the leper in Lilian’s kitchen (mansion)

Home > Heather’s Get the toothbrush from the church (enter, turn left, and go to the toilet) > Strip Centre

Wikes Mansion:

  • Talk to the policeman (Backyard).
  • Press on the barrel (Backyard) to get Essence of Strength.
  • Go right and find Kimberly near the Door to the cave (to get Wireless Transmitters).

Strip Centre: Go into the store and open the Box in the top right corner to get a dumbbell.

Farm > Up > Put the ball in the left field. Find the key to the chest among the plants. There’s another prize in the left part of the field.

  • Wikes Mansion > Open the Kitchen box to get the page, then use Wireless Transmitter Locations:

1st: Enter > Front Door > Go left > upstairs

2nd: Make a seed of strength for an extra point of strength. Go to the kitchen, move the bottom barrel, enter the room, get the driver’s license, and put the wifi in place.

Third: Walk into the house, take the stairs on the left, and turn left twice.

Free roam:

  • Buy a video (from the xx Shop) and a pinup (from the standard Shop).
  • Interact with the barrel at the dock.
  • Shop, buy the Treasure Detector, Farm, to the right of the house, outside (Hanna’s picture), Shop, buy the Treasure Detector. Go home
  • Farm: To get the recipe, open the Box outside the Farm. Goat Dessert

Go up and get it from the right side of the field.

Barley: Strip center> Grill > Buy it (for $500)

Oats: Get the knife from the Farm> Barn > Top Right. Get the Rubber Toe from the bathroom (Farm > Upstairs > Middle Door). Fix the sink to get the closet key. Go to the food store on the Farm’s first floor, get the recipe, and open the chest to get oats.

Soybeans: Lilian’s Kitchen (Wikes Mansion, Front Door, right stairs, turn right) > right side

  • Craft Goat Dessert > Farm > Up x2 > Save Goat > Go Left
  • Shop > Buy Rubber Wrap > GIM 1st floor > Open the Box to get Rubber Heel > Where the goat was is where the Rubber Sole is > Use Angelcraft to make wading shoes. Put the wading shoes on the tree trunk in the middle of the creek, where the goat got away. Get the part about the artifact.
  • Go to the Farm

Free Roam:

  • Open the Box in the Warehouse
  • Eve Cathedral > Judy’s room > Downstairs > Left path > Down > Open the chest > Jump into the water > Open the Box to get a new page (Lilian)
  • Another easy chest is inside Wikes Mansion.
  • Channel 4: Go inside, go to the Shop, go to the strip center, go to the grill, go back to the strip center, and go back to the Shop.
  • Farm: Get the box key half from the right of the wooden cart under the red shed. Get the package from the Warehouse> Strip center> Shop > Give her the Box (to get the love potion).
  • After the scene in Farm> Enter the main building of the Farm> Find out about Carol (lower left area) > Get the catnip from the pantry. Go to the condos. Click on the cat to get the second chest half key. Shop, buy glue, and put the keys together.
  • Lastly, go to the Farm. Step into the cave. Up three times, get the silver figure in the lower right corner, go down twice, turn right, cross the river, go up, and get the Box of bullets. Then, cross the river and open the chest on the next page. Go outside and talk to the girls.
  • Shop, buy the update, and call Nellie on the phone.
  • Where Andrea lives > Go inside > Channel 4 > Top Floor > Go to the right, get the Wireless Transmitter, get the chest key from the lower right area of the room, and write down the number (124) on the mirror. Leave the room, go to the right Door, get the key, open the locker to get the crowbar and the radio battery, and then go to the next room. (Code: 576) Play with the piece of paper.
  • Eve Cathedral, go inside and follow the girls.
  • Wikes Mansion: Go through the front door, up the right stairs, and into the apartments. Get the yellow Acacia flower from the stream in the forest and give it to Erika. Go into the kitchen and fix the transmitter. Write down the number on a bag to the right (349).
  • Channel 4: Top Floor: Turn to the right
  • Wikes Mansion: Enter through the front door, go up the right stairs, interact with the wall under the dinner table, open the chest, and take a note of the 969 on the wall.
  • Manholes

Shop: Get a bag by interacting.

Condos: Talk to other people to get a bag

Interact with Channel 4 to get a bag

Strip: Do something to get a bag.

Apartments: Get a bag by interacting.

  • Use all the codes on the briefcases (124, 576, 349, 969, and 666 for the inventory).
  • Call Kimberly and buy everything.
  • Shop, talk to the man outside, go to the forest, go up, then left, and get the recipe for weed killer.
  • Eve Cathedral > Heather’s house > Pool > Garden in the lower left corner > Find the Key to the Safe > Front Garden > The Glyphosate is in the upper left corner. Shop in the strip center; Heather’s house; Upstairs; Get the picture (the thing that glows on the left) > Enter her room > Farm > Open the safe To get Dicamba, interact with the rock below Judy. Come to the Farm> Get out of the house and open the Box to the right of it. Take the top route and open another box to get Mecoprop >. Get a Basic bottle from the Shop and follow the recipe.

Weed Killer Recipe:

  • Farm > Rock below Judy > Dicamba
  • Farm > Upper Path (Mecoprop)
  • Glyphosate: The front garden of Heather’s house is in the top left corner.
  • The Shop is a basic container.
  • Farm > Upper Path > Clear the weeds and get the chest key > Forest > Up > Right > Clean up the weed, open the Box, and get the new page (Judy) > Farm > Go inside the red building. To get black pepper, open the grey Box> Go into the main building and give it to Carol. Walk downstairs.
  • Try the new page and call Judy.
  • Heather’s house: Upstairs, right room, right wall, get Chloe’s picture
  • Right > Forest > On the other side of the stream, you can find the Mage Grip. Go back, turn left, find the Mage Handle in a bush, and return. Go up, clean up the trees, go down, and turn left. Get the antique key from the top left corner of the church’s backyard. light wall find out about Chloe
  • Farm > Upper Floor > Lower Floor > Contact Carol.
  • Shop > Buy a Simple Box
  • Cathedral of Eve > Go inside. After the scenes, turn left and go up the stairs. Go back. Turn right and go up the stairs. Open the Box and take out an old book. When he’s not looking, go left into the hallway. 
  • Talk to the priest > Go upstairs > Turn right > Upstairs > To the corridor > Get the rat by clicking on the first bench. Go to the church’s backyard, talk to the trees next to the church, and then go to the church’s front Door. Give the rat to the cat, and you’ll get the key to the box.
  • Inside Heather’s house (on the Farm) > Inside Eve Cathedral > Left > Left Room
  • Inside Andrea’s house: > Right > Go back and up the stairs > Use the piano to open the secret Door (CED) > Open the chest and take out Nellie’s new page.
  • Strip center> Channel 4 > Upper floor > Right > Appartments > Open the lock (right) to get a note (1998)
  • Wikes Mansion: Open the sewer on the left to get a saw blade. Interact with the plants to the left of the Door to get the recipe for Diamond Saw:

Rough Diamond: Handle of Saw: Saw Blade: Glue

  • Enter Wikes’s house, open the front door, turn on the gargoyle, keep going, deal with the bushes to the right of the outside Door, and take the Saw Handle. Take the right road after you find the Saw Blade. Go up (to the right) and keep going right. Get the Watcher’s eye from the cupboard. Put the eye in the gargoyle’s eye socket (in the dining room). Go back to the main Door, Strip Center, Shop, go up, left, and get the Rough Diamond.

Make and use the Diamond Saw:

  • Channel 4 (right side) to get a silver figure
  • Strip the center (left side) to get a gold figure
  • Warehouse: In the upper left corner, get the dumbbell. Get the chest key in the lower left corner to the left of the red container.
  • Wikes Mansion: Get in, move the figure so it goes down, and then go forward. Open the Box to get a new Melissa Page > Call Melissa and buy everything new in the store.
  • Stripe center> Enter the Grill > Ella’s flat > Upstairs > Open the box for a medium > Downstairs: Use the numbers on the note (1998) to open another box and get a small but; interact with the bushes in the parking lot (right) to get Ella’s key fob. Click on the car to get big but. and bubble gum > go back inside to see them.
  • Eve Cathedral: Go in, turn right, go upstairs, then turn left. Judy’s picture is in front of the column. Take it and buy the upgrade (Shop).
  • Heather’s House > Inside > Apartments > Right door > Inside > Wikes Mansion > Inside
  • Farm: Find the recipe to the right of the red shed door. Pen Door Recipe > Wood: In the car just below the red shed; at the Strip Centre; at the grill; behind the bar, there’s a piece of gold paper; You can pay for corn chips > Read that other paper > Get the boomerang from the dock. Centre Strip > Find the Key to the Chest (Left Alley) >In the back yard of the Wikes Mansion, pick up the Old Book (top left) > Farm: Get an apple from the apple tree; Talk to the girls on the road above; To get the nails, click on the metal box on the right. The Warehouse put the Hinge under the umbrella and the Latch in the drain.
  • Craft the Pen Door and talk to the girls (Farm > Red Sheep).
  • Home of Heather > Red wine is on the grill. Read the recipes (Farm > Table and Heather’s house > Right Door) > Go down to the basement and meet the girls: Soy sauce, sugar, and cornflour equals
  • Wikes Mansion > Inside > Go back, click on the right gargoyle, and try again > To get the new page, go to the right and open the Box. Home of Heather
  • Call the new number and buy as much as you can from the Shop.
  • Police Station: Enter the building, turn right, turn left, and go upstairs; turn right, read the note on the table on the top right, and check the clocks (169). open the door (top left) > Step down, turn right, and walk out of the police officer.
  • Channel 4: to get into the building, go to the 2nd floor (elevator), turn right, and turn left. Talk to Kimberly and click on the room’s bottom left corner to get sunglasses. Get out of here!
  • Apartments > The Wharehouse > Use the can next to the umbrella to get the nails, then go inside and get the diving mask.
  • Get the right swimsuit (in the middle of the forest) > Right > Up > Get the snorkel from the trees. Use the drain cover to get the rest of the gear. Crossing the river to get the valuable coin
  • Farm: Go Up > Up > Left > Up to get the Electromagnet Recipe.
  • Warehouse: Give him the change and get Ella’s flat key. Then click on the copper wire to the left of Jon and pay for it.
  • Apartments: Ella’s flat > Pink Room
  • Andrea’s house: you can get in > Up > Up > To get Electric Tape and the Electromagnet Recipe (Angelcraft), click on the blue Box.
  • Apartments: Ella’s flat > Upstairs > Get the Katana by clicking on the safe near Ella.
  • Go to Andrea’s house after the pool event > Enter, then turn right. Click the red button, then go to the right and click the floor button. Get off the bus and get on the tube. Get out of the house.
  • Condos: Right Door
  • Get a police uniform from one of the cars at the police station. Centre strip > xx > Switch your clothes > Police Station: Upstairs, Right, Top Left Door, Left. Click the red button. Open the safe (169 is the code) and take out the thumb drive. Go under the cone to find a secret passage leading to the box key right in front of the chair farthest to the right.
  • Shop: Buy the dress, the picture, and the new things for your house.
  • Home of Andrea: To get the new Andrea’s page, go to the building, turn right, go up, and open the Box.
  • Condos: Right Door
  • Call Andrea and Have Fun!
  • Go to the Shop and find Carol there.
  • Channel 4: 2nd Floor, turn right, Channel 4: > Click the blue button to get the Ant Killer Recipe. Enter through the right Door> Get out of here!
  • Wikes Mansion: [Enter] [Front door] [Right Stairs] [Left Stairs] Click on the blue ball to get the mace head. Go downstairs and keep going forward. Unlock the Mace Recipe (bottom right corner) in the next room. You can make the mace by going to the Shop and buying glue.
  • Forest > Left > Up > Now that you’re in the maze, get the gold idol.
  • Farm, Upper Path, Upper Path Again, Go Left, Get the Key to the Top Chest.
  • Wike’s house: Go through the house until you get to the backyard and meet Diana. She will give you the key to the dark chapel room. Then, go right, enter the chapel, open the front door, go downstairs and open the chest (there is a new page inside), and try to get to the other Door.
  • Warehouse> Farm (enter, upstairs, left room) > Heather’s house (pool) > Get the bathroom hey (among the purple clothes on the sofa) > Upstairs, open the bathroom door on the left, and get the Dumbledore and the soap.
  • Click on the red button at Dick’s Grill to get vinegar.
  • Farm > Pantry > Get Baking Soda > Shop > Buy a Basic jar and make the Ant Killer)
  • Use the ant killer around the pool at Heather’s house.
  • You can buy anything new in the store.
  • Go to Eve Cathedral and get the ammunition. Eve Cathedral: Take the Essence of Strength from the top left of the tower and use it to make a Seed of Strength (Angelcraft).
  • Farm > Up way > Up again > Left > Up (by the river) > Open the jar for the Stun Gun Recipe > Use Seed of Strength to break the rock and open the other jar to get Titan Shovel Head > > Turn right and go into Eve Cathedral. To get the Titan Shovel Recipe, open the Box in the bottom left. Go down > Right up the stairs > > Turn right and find Andrea. Go back down the stairs and click on the gargoyle in the top right corner. Go down
  • Warehouse (inside) > Eve Cathedral > Police Station > Move the rock in the backyard.
  • Warehouse (on the inside): Take the batteries (the blue lighting thing on the left wall).
  • Use the electromagnet to get past the security lock to the right of the Door to get the high-voltage transformer at the police station.
  • Eve Cathedral: Press “Enter,” “Proceed,” “Click on the gargoyle in the upper right,” “Eve Cathedral: Right > Down > Interact with the Box to get the nails.
  • Buy Glue and Chloe’s Profile in the Shop> Angelcraft: Make the Stun Gun
  • Eve Cathedral: Backyard > Up > Use the stun gun on the gator > Eve Cathedral Main Entrance > Go forward and meet Heather > Go back, take the hallway on the right and go upstairs > Left > Open the Box and get the titan Shovel Shaft
  • Open the jar on the left side of Andrea’s yard to get the Titan Shovel handle.
  • Shop: Get glue > Angel Craft: Make the Titan Shovel
  • Apartments: Talk to the blue car until you get the key and money from the Box.
  • Open the box at the river (Farm> up) to get the new page.
  • Find Melissa’s picture (it’s next to the window in the bottom right corner) and buy it (Shop).
  • Channel 4 > Upper Floor > Go right > Open right door > Find out about Kimberly (lower left area)
  • Apartments, right Door, room, right Door, jar on the right wall, break it to get a dumbbell.
  • After the scene, go back inside the police station, turn left, and hit the switch before going into the basketball court. Click the switch again and go through the Door above. Again, click the switch, go back to the Door above, and talk to the white paper.
  • Channel 4: Upper Floor, turn right, go through the left Door, change clothes, On-Air Door, get the studio key after the scene, Upper Floor, left (crystal) Door, change clothes, On-Air Door. get the report
  • The inside of the Eve Cathedral. Go right, open the first Door, and get the white paper. Go upstairs and get another white piece of paper. Open the Door, interact with the books, and read book number 12 to get the recipe for the snake trap, book number 78 to get the old book, book number 98 to get the key to the attack box, and book number 88 to get the chest key. Leave the room, then go back in and open the Box to get the New Page. Downstairs: go left, right, then upstairs: open the Box to get the nails, then down: To get eggs, click the top right corner of the Box on the right. Use a silver figure in the middle cauldron to get the Essence of Intelligence, and then craft (angelcraft) a seed of Knowledge. use the knowledge seed (cache) > To get the other part of the Attack box key, move the barrel below. Combine the two halves from the collection > Downstairs: Go up the other stairs (to the left); open the Box and take out the Reliquiae; open the book and read it;
  • Angelcraft: Make the Snake trap. You can buy it at a store if you don’t have everything you need.
  • Farm: Meet the girls in the red shed; after the scenes, go to the Farm through the hole on the left; find the snake and put it in a box; get the corn.
  • Call Melissa and buy everything in the new store.
  • Warehouse: Go inside the building and get Nellie’s profile (to the right of the Door). Then, buy the profile in the shop.
  • Farm: Go into the house, talk to the goat in the red shed, and get the key to the truck from the table.
  • Give the girl bubble gum to get Penicillin, they said outside the store.
  • Channel 4 > Elevator > Glass door > Go forward, open the next glass door and open the box to the right to get the Antibiotic cream and make it (Angelcraft). You can get Aloe from the Farm (up the road) and a container from the shop if you still need to include anything. Then, fix your leg with the antibiotic cream.
  • Inside Andrea’s house, go to the right wall to get the Kitchen key, leave the room, go right and up, and talk to the fridge to get the fuse.
  • Inside Heather’s house, use the fuse in the front yard.
  • Inside the Eve Cathedral, go right up the stairs, and open the Door. Cross to the other steps, go left, and use the electromagnet on the red switch to open the Door. Place the stone on the mark in the lower left corner, and then go back with your friends to enter the new room together.
  • Farm > Up path > Up again > Up (swimming) > Move the rock and go right > Enter the building > Go down > Talk to the gargoyle and go down > Right > Up > Take the chest key from the lamp in the middle > Go back to the catacombs entrance > Upstairs (left) > Talk to the red button and open the Door> Open the chest and get the page
  • Buy everything in the store, then give us a call.
  • Shop: Buy the Syphon, a container, glue, and all the house extensions. Go outside and get petrol from the back of the car on the right.
  • Police Station: Go upstairs, turn right, and meet Andrea at the right Door.
  • Eve Cathedral > Backyard > Way Up > Get the Crucifix and the Demon Horn > Enter the building through the main door to meet Father Solomon > Get out of here and meet Andrea > Enter the Chappel, go up the left stairs to the top floor, then down the stairs. Leave the Chappel, turn left, go through the second Door, and go down the stairs (into the catacombs) to get the basement box key half. (Kimberly) Leave the Cathedral to take a call.
  • Apartments: Go upstairs and take the jar off the right wall to get the recipe for the flame thrower.
  • Inside the Warehouse, get the compressor from the fan on the top left. Make the flame thrower in Angelcraft.
  • Eve Cathedral > Chappel > Right stairs > Top floor > Use flame thrower, get cross, demon feather, and cellar box key half > Attach the two keys in your inventory to get the cella box key; leave the chapel; turn left; go through the second Door; go downstairs (to the tunnels); take the left path; cross the river and use the flame thrower; get the gold idol; return with the girls and open the Box to get porn magazines;
  • Eve Cathedral > Backyard > Way Up > Get the demon fang > Put the big jug on top, next to the logs, and get Heather Contact
  • Wikes Mansion > Inside > Get the demon fang (upstairs left) > go left > Go down (in front of the second Door) > down again > left > Get the demon feather (hard) > right > right > Get the demon horn > go to the catacombs (downstairs after talking to the gargoyle) > left > put everything on top of the green lights > go right > right > up > up > get the chest key.
  • Eve Cathedral > Backyard > Way Up > arrow > up > open the chest to go to a new page
  • Police Station: Inside; Warehouse: Inside; Get the Dimmer circuit; Police Station: Left basketball; First bathroom; Put the dimmer in the power box; Warehouse: Inside; Get the Dimmer circuit. Go to the shooting room and get the gun. Shoot the white enchufe first and hit the target several times. The target must be right in front of you. Get out of the basketball room.
  • Shop for a simple container; fill it with holy water from the pond at Eve Cathedral; Get a crucifix from the right side of Wikes Mansion’s backyard, then go right, enter, and go to the Front Door. From the lower left corner, get another crucifix.
  • Forest > left up > left side of another crucifix
  • Eve Cathedral > Inside > Right > Up > Front Door > Talk to Father Solomon and get blessed crucifixes > Go left and put the crucifix on the wall > Left and downstairs > Put the crucifix on the wall > Right > Put the crucifix on the wall > Left and upstairs right > Put the crucifix on the wall > Left and upstairs left > Put the crucifix on the wall > Right and upstairs left > Put the crucifix on the wall > Left and downstairs > Put the crucifix on
  • After the scenes, go back to the library. After the scenes, go upstairs, turn right twice, turn left twice, go downstairs, and enter Judy’s room through the second Door.
  • Wikes Mansion > Inside > After the scenes, open the path to Wilkes Mansion with the Gargola and down > Go left and open the chest to get the recipe for the Hellfire extinguisher.
  • Shop and buy a simple box
  • Eve Cathedral: Pour holy water into it
  • Andrea’s home > inside > right x2 > up > lower right spot, use the code 9112 and get vinegar and baking soda > Angelcraft > make the Hellfire extinguisher > Use the Hellfire extinguisher in the Police Station bathrooms by the basketball court to get the chest key.
  • Wikes Mansion: Front Door, left stairs, left floor Down > Down > Left > 2nd Door> Get Ella’s profile (lower left area) > Down > Down > Left > 2nd Door> Leave the room and go left. Open the Box to get to the next page.
  • You can pay for Ella’s profile.
  • Open the passage to Wilkes Mansion with the Gargola and down > right > up > Open the passage to Wilkes Mansion with the Gargola and down > get the demon horn > left > get the demon feather and the demon fang > put them on the green lights.
  • Booty Call: Buy everything in the store.
  • Shop: Click on the light on the left to buy fireworks.
  • The blue car gives gas to the apartments.
  • Forest: Left > Up > Open inventory and use the jerrycan with petrol and fireworks > Move the rock to the right and get the church key. Go back and left to the backyard of the church. Put the rock in the closest spot and yourself in the other. Get the king’s statue.
  • Inside the Warehouse> Talk to Jonathan, then go through the yellow Door (if you need to, you can sell him the king idol) and get the key to the unknown house.
  • Inside Andrea’s house: Front, right Door, Third Door (right), get the unknown amulet from the lower right area.
  • Inside Eve Cathedral, go left, up the stairs, open the door, and get the Torn page. Then go right, right, right, and open the library door. Checkbook (row 2, book 21) for Zephaniah’s Last Letter recipe (you need two more torn pages and glue from the shop) > leave > downstairs (Heather) > check with Zephaniah. Go back to the room and pick up the torn page in the lower left corner. Then, leave the room, turn left, enter the church, and use the lamp on the left to pick up the last torn page.
  • Angelcraft: Make Zephaniah’s Last letter > read the letter (list of items).
  • Right > upstairs > library > father Solomon: Eve Cathedral
  • Channel 4: Inside, go to the right, talk to the guy, give him the disguise from your inventory, and he’ll give you the back half of the chest key. Then, take the elevator to the right, go through the left door, and get the maid uniform and security card from the floor. Then, please return to the elevator, go to the right, and give him the maid uniform in exchange for the other chest key half. Finally, glue the two halves together (
  • Eve Cathedral: Turn left, go upstairs, open the Door, and open the chest to get the page.
  • Inside > right > Outside Press the button until the green light comes on, and go through that Door.
  • The inside of Andrea’s house
  • Inside > right > Outside Look for Erica’s picture on the wall next to the black table.
  • Buy everything in the store, then give us a call.
  • Go to the strip center, then to the XX shop, then to the book, then to the Dickie Grill, the left Door, the shiny thing in front, the rhodamine, the x3 fires, and the water, and finally to the Door. Get the book you dropped (behind the table) > Get the fluorescein (the shiny thing on the table).
  • Dock, Shop (upper right corner), then go to xx Shop again.
  • The inside of Eve Cathedral
  • Inside the police station, talk to the officer, then go to the basketball court door and flip the white switch before going in. Get the UV torch (table) and go.
  • Go to the end of the Warehouse and open the jar to get the recipe for the Fingerprint lift kit. You only need the simple container that you can get at the store. So Angelcraft, and make it. Move the cabinet next to the Door to show the keypad. The code for the keypad is 2780. The chest is inside. But first, put the TNT barrel next to the other six so that they all blow up at the same time. Go left
  • Follow the tracks by going out the Door above and standing on each one to get the chest key front half. Backtrack to where you blew up the TNT barrels, but pick up Andrea’s profile and the 4 barrels along the way.
  • Warehouse: Exclamation point > Buy Defrost timer, Nut and bolt set, Condenser fan, Drum glides, Motor Pulley, Blower Wheel, and Handle seat
  • Condos: Right Door> Use these things from your inventory to interact with the exclamation marks (from right to left): Blower Wheel, Defrost timer, and Handle Seat > Leave the room
  • Apartments: Exclamation point > Condenser fan > Get the chest key back half > Glue both halves from your inventory (Glue in Shop).
  • Open the chest and get the new page: Backyard of Wikes’s Mansion > Right > Enter until the end > Downstairs.
  • Buy everything new in the Shop, and then give us a call.
  • Buy grease (Shop) > Go into Eve Cathedral > Get the Bunker key, which is hidden on the wall in front of Melissa after the scenes > Go to Melissa’s house. Go, down, right, down, right, down. Step on all the footprints from right to left and get the Used Rad, hidden in the wall to the right of the first trace on the right. down > Get out of the building
  • Eve Cathedral: Inside, to the left, second room, downstairs, to the left, up and right. Put the TNT near the barrels to make them go off. Take the blue thing and go up the stairs. Find the recipe for a Thermite Grenade at the end of the tracks. Come back after you go down the stairs. Get the chest key from a hole in the wall under the cylinders and the chest. The hole is about the same height as the chest but hidden in the wall. Go up and get the Aluminium Powder. Get the blue thing> Use the TNT to blow up the barrels. Go up
  • Get Zephania’s notebook from the front door and go to the right side of the Eve Cathedral. Downstairs, turn left, get Hannah’s clothes, turn left again, get Carol’s clothes, open the Door, go downstairs, turn left, get Heather’s clothes, turn left again, get Cloe’s clothes, go down the path. The Iron Oxide is at the end of the tracks.
  • Angelcraft > craft Thermite Grenade > Go back, up and to the left, climb the stairs to the top, and throw the thermite grenade at the hanging beam. Then, cross the “bridge.” Go back inside and use the yellow container to get to the tunnels. Go up, left, through the Door, down, left, down again, up/left path, across the bridge, open the chest for the page, go back across the bridge, down, right, up the stairs, and out of the building.

Wike’s Mansion:

  1. Go inside, go forward, talk to the gargoyle, and go downstairs; go right, go up, talk to Brian, go left, go left, get three unholy ashes from the two fires next to the green lights, go back, go upstairs, go through the Door below and up the stairs to the left, open the second Door, get Lillian’s hair by following the tracks, go right.
  2. Leave the room and go left.
  3. Open the second Door and get Lillian’s hair.
  4. Go back to the gargoyle room and go up the stairs on the left.
  • First room: more of Lillian’s hair, talk to the gargoyle, go down the stairs, turn left, talk to the three green lights, turn right, right, and up.
  • Wikes Mansion: Go inside, move forward, and take the stairs on the right. Then, go through the secret tunnel in the wall under the table. Get Lillian’s character, buy the upgrade (in the Shop), and dial the number.
  • Meet the girls inside the Warehouse, then leave.
  • Enter the Police Station, turn left, interact with the white switch, follow the tracks, and get the bagged lunch. Go back, go upstairs, turn left, and interact with the exclamation point to get a pencil. Go behind the work tables before the exclamation point until you get the chest key half. Then, turn right, then right again, open the last Door, follow the tracks, and get the locker room key. Leave the room, turn left, go downstairs, and you’ll see the basketball court.
  • Shop: Buy x2 questioning marks and glue x2
  • Police station, upstairs left, first Door, open it with glue and get the chest key front half and the Fingerprint lock, then glue the two halves of the key together.
  • Talk to Jonathan in the Warehouse.
  • Eve Cathedral: Enter and go left; upstairs; open the Door and read the note; leave the room and go left; enter the library; read a book (row 3 and number 88) to get the Book of Genesis.
  • Home of Andrea: After the scenes, go inside and talk to Andrea.
  • Wikes Mansion: Walk in through the front door, talk to the gargoyle and the people downstairs, turn right, go up, talk to Brian, and look for the Hell Boot by the rocks on the right. And the pair of hell boots up the stairs and to the left > Move the lever (to the left) > The basement > Open the Box to find Chloe’s new page.
  • Puzzle: There are round things at the base of the pillars. Put the rocks on the round things on the top and bottom pillars, then stand on the round thing in the middle.
  • Channel 4 > Police Station > to the left > Basketball Court > Talk to Judy
  • Call your phone number.
  • Channel 4: Go inside, take the lift to the left, go through the glass door, and then go through the front glass door.
  • Eve Cathedral: Inside > Left > 2nd Door> downstairs > left > up/right > move forward > move forward > move forward > go up > Leave the sanctuary > left (you’ll get the ladder segment) > go back to the sanctuary > front Door> downstairs > down x3 > right > instead of going up the stairs, take the path above > Up & right (downstairs) > get another ladder segment from the Box
  • Farm: Go to the left house, go inside, go upstairs, go to the right Door, and then use the footprints to get another ladder piece.
  • Inside Eve Cathedral: Turn left, go through the second Door, go down the stairs, turn left, go up or right, move forward, move forward, go up, leave the chapel, and put the ladder pieces below the girls.
  • Buy a Motor Pulley and Nut and Bolt Set from the Warehouse
  • Return to where the ladder pieces were put > cross; go downhill; fix the generator using the Motor Pulley; Follow the girls.
  • Inside the Warehouse
  • Inside Eve Cathedral: Front left Door, up the stairs, top floor.
  • Shop: Get glue and everything else.
  • Interact with the exclamation point at the police station. Give him the Nut and Bolt Set to get the chest key front half.
  • Go back to where the ladder pieces were put > cross > left > get the chest key back hal > right > down > merge both halves > The chest is open.
  • Call the number you provided

Other Guides and Walkthroughs can be Found Here:

  • Purchase the miners’ shaft and the x2 “?” from the Shop.
  • The Interior of the Eve Cathedral
  • Wikes Mansion: Inside > Following the discussion with the girls and the police officer, proceed through the Door (up) and retrieve the Master Key. Next, exit the room and open the other Door to obtain petrol. Get the coin from the lower left corner of the Demon’s offering, the Treasure Map, and open the second Door on the upper right of the stairs after you’ve left the room and gone down the stairs. Turn the knob to the left, go downstairs, and turn left again upstairs. Open the first Door, follow the marks to find the Devil’s container, and finally open the Second Door. Leave> left > open the first Door and get the Demon’s offering Coin > leave > down > get the useless key (top left corner) and pull the lever > leave > right > open the second Door and get the Demon’s offering Coin leave > left > find the recipe for the Chest Key at the bottom right corner, go down, then interact with the machine, and finally go up. Egress> ascend the staircase > acquire the useless key and locate the recipe for the Hell key (inside the right wall) > leave > right > right > 1st Door> up > 1st Door> get the useless key (near the bathtub) > leave > right > right > 1st Door> up > 1st Door> leave shatter the jat to obtain the recipe for the miner’s tool, then leave and go to the left. Leave and go to the left.
  • Craft Miner’s tool > leave > cross the river > up > cross the bridge > get useless key > cross the bridge > down > right > get the unknown relic > Upstairs > leave the room > right > talk to them Outside Wikes Mansion > downstairs > follow the marks to get Devil’s container, and in front Hercules grip > go down & downstairs > get mining shovel head > right > cross the bridge > up > cross the river > left > get pickaxe head > Craft Min.
  • Inside the Wikes Mansion, go to the Front door, then to the Upstairs Right, then to the Second Door; then obtain the Key Mould; finally, Craft the Chest Key.
  • Inside the Eve Cathedral, go to the front entrance, and have her use the unknown relic.
  • Inside > Front door > Interact with the gargoyle and go downstairs > Right> Up> Girls> Go to the entrance (inside) of Wikes Mansion > Talk to her and choose East > Follow her > Right> Down> Open the chest for the recipe > talk to her > then to Henry > then retrieve the Demon’s offering coin from the statue > leave > left > left > talk to her > west > follow her > left > talk to Melissa > down > Go to the entrance > now choose Main Bedroom Talk to her, then open the chest to find the container of the Devil.
  • Inside the Eve Cathedral: Front entryway > Upstairs right > Upstairs left > To obtain x3 unholy metal, you must first spend the x3 Demon offering coin. Three times must be collected from the water at the entry to receive the unholy water.
  • Inside the Wikes Mansion, go through the front door, interact with the gargoyle, go downstairs, turn left, get three sets of unholy ashes, and then craft three hell keys. After that, go back upstairs, turn left again, go down (in front of the second Door), turn left again, and then go upstairs, open the chest, and take the amulets of Shime, Hamalos, and Kimpet. When you leave the mansion, you will receive the recipe for the Las.

We hope that The Genesis Order Walkthrough is a lot of fun for you. In this guide, we talked about unlocking everything in The Genesis Order, including all events, scenes, places, the Max% of every update, and all characters in the game.

If you want to ask something about The Genesis Order Walkthrough help, you can always do so in the comments section. Thanks for reading this Genesis Order Walkthrough, and remember to share this post with your friends.



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