Here’s How To Sell Books On Chegg: Sell Your Used Textbooks

Sell Books On Chegg

Would you like to sell books on Chegg? Sell your textbooks reasonably; some online services will purchase your old ones. 

You’ll notice that Chegg used to be the best option for selling old textbooks online. Still, the buy or rent option has been removed from Chegg, so you can use GoTextbooks, which does the same. 

You must input the ISBN to check how much you will be paid for selling those books. We will pay you when GoTextbooks receives your book, so send it for free, and GoTextbooks will pay you.

There are other websites where you can sell your old textbooks to people in the US. Here, we detail the steps you must follow to sell your old textbooks. This article will provide a list of companies that buy old textbooks, so let’s begin.

How To Sell Books On Chegg

Chegg no longer offers the option to sell old textbooks. In reality, offers a GoTextbooks option for this service as well.

Apart from GoTextbooks, there are other websites where you can sell your old textbooks and make money.

Chegg provides a link to GoTextbooks, where you can sell your old textbooks after visiting Chegg’s Buy/Rent Services page. Entering that ISBN will tell you how much you can get for selling that old textbook.

You can sell and buy old textbooks through and get paid for the books you send in.

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Sell Books On Chegg

With, you can quickly sell and get paid for your old textbooks. If you list your books on the website, check their condition first.

  1. There should be no significant damage to your book cover.
  2. None of the pages should be missing.
  3. The book must have its ISBN or any edition different from the quoted one.
  4. Contact the help desk if you are having trouble locating the ISBN.

Chegg says it is too trustworthy, as GoTextbooks recommends selling books on Chegg.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It represents a specific book with a 10–13-digit number. You will then need to follow a few simple steps to receive your cash credit after your book has been shipped and reached the store.

The following steps will help you sell books on Chegg if you don’t know how. Follow these steps to sell books on Chegg:

  1. The first step is to use the Chegg Rent / Buy Books service to direct you to
  2. Next, find your book’s ISBN.
  3. Fill out the ISBN field on the website. Click “Submit.”
  4. The website will tell you how much you will earn when you sell your books.
  5. Printing your free shipping label will be the next step.
  6. Once you have it, ship the book to GoTextbooks.
  7. GoTextbooks will receive your book, and you will be notified.
  8. Once the payment has been made, you will receive the funds within seven to fourteen days.

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Where can you sell your textbooks now that you have a few ideas for reselling them? Here are Alternative Sites to sell books on Chegg.

  • bncollege. com
  • Chegg com

The following list contains web services that pay you for old textbooks instead of GoTextbooks.

You must follow the following steps to sell your books on the above lists. As described above, all steps must be followed. Although there are some changes, the next steps still apply.

  1. You can visit any of the websites listed above.
  2. Simply enter your email address and password if prompted.
  3. Then, read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Choose a username and select your preferred language.
  5. Then, describe your bookselling business and decide how your inventory of books is to be submitted.
  6. Once you have completed this, click “Save.”
  7. You will be asked to enter your country and provide tax information. 
  8. You will then be asked for your banking information.
  9. Complete the rest of the forms.
  10. Once the payment has been made, you will receive the funds.

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What Is The Best Way To Sell Books On Chegg?

Visit to sell your books.

Where can I sell my college books?

What do you do if you want to sell your textbooks online? Here are the lists:
1. GoTextbooks
2. BookScouter
3. Bookbyte
4. eBay
6. Cash4Books
7. Campus Books

How can I sell books on Amazon?

I think Amazon is the better option for selling books. Follow the steps mentioned above.

Here’s how you can sell books on Chegg: It’s so simple. Chegg is one of the best places to sell your old books, but there are other options such as GoTextbooks,,, etc.

Chegg is the best choice if you want to sell your old books online. Our step-by-step guide explains how to sell your books on Chegg, so you can follow it if you are unsure how to sell them on Chegg. 

Please let me know what you think about this article. Please ping me if you are experiencing any problems. I will assist you as soon as possible.

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