Instructions to fix? The errors of FaceID on iPhone and iPad Pro


If your iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro have problems with FaceID, try one of the following ways.

Whether you love or hate FaceID, but if you’re determined to continue to stick with Apple products, you’ll have to use this feature. This is the only biometric security method on Apple’s latest products such as iPhone X / XS / XS Max and iPad Pro.

As we know, TouchID fingerprint sensor before reaching the best finishing is also gone through a few generations, so the face scanning with Face can say is not perfect yet, sometimes you there will still be some minor errors such as not recognizing the owner, identifying wrong or slow.



This is difficult to accept with a machine with the price can be up to 1,449 USD, but we can completely fix the errors of ID with a few options:

Set up additional surrogate faces

Sometimes you put the phone on your face, but it doesn’t recognize it. It is most likely because the hair, beard, costume (hat, glasses) or lighting conditions at that time affect the scan results.

According to the iPhone hack page, you should reset FaceID again in good lighting conditions, and also take advantage of the new iOS face setting feature.

You can set one more face in a hat, glasses, or smile, yawn, … to improve accuracy in more cases.

Turn off “Request attention for FaceID.”

iOS has a feature that requires users to look at the device to unlock it with FaceID. This feature sometimes makes it difficult to see the device.

You can turn it off by visiting: Settings> Face ID & Password. Turn off Attention for FaceID.

(Settings -> Face ID & Passcode> Face ID Attention Awreness)

Update to the latest operating system

As mentioned above, FaceID is still in the development process so Apple will also often improve this feature better.

Upgrading from iOS 11 to iOS 12 improves the speed of recognizing FaceID pretty much, so regularly update iOS to the latest version.

Reset the software

If you use the above measures but still have not overcome some errors of FaceID, you can apply the last option to Reset the machine.

According to the iPhone hack page, after resetting the computer, you should not restore the previous backup but should reset it from the beginning. Also, FaceID should be turned off before performing a reset.


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