Parasite Black Cheats v0.153 Codes

Parasite Black Cheats
Parasite Black Cheats

You are in the right place if you want to find a Parasite Black cheat code for 2024. The best way to use the parasite black gallery code is shown below. The Parasite Black Cheats will let you get a lot of awards, a cheat menu, a game gallery, and some cool rewards.

I found this other RPG a few days ago while looking into codes that could help my reader do better. Another phone game with dark themes is Parasite Black.

 Below are all the Parasite Black cheat codes you can use right now to make your gaming experience easier by letting you access all the hidden scenes and get a lot of things and money without having to grind.

Here is a list of codes for all parasite black gallery that you can use right now to unlock all the game levels and resources for free with the help of these codes.

While the dangerous and strange Demorai is fiercely attacking the world of Mirnos, Parasite Black is an adult and dark fantasy role-playing game that takes place there. 

If you were born in the Kingdom of Alderay, you should have died on your suicide mission. A second chance has been given to you instead. That “gift” you just got might help you win the war and free the realm from the Demorai’s control.


In the process of your travels, you’ll come across a huge number of different ways to solve problems. Will your cleverness be enough to get you through? How do you get both enemies and friends to do what you want? Or maybe you should just use brute force to win… This RPG game, Parasite Black, tries to be as open as it can be.

Parasite Black Cheats Codes
Parasite Black Cheats Codes

Damned Studios is the creator of the dark fantasy sandbox RPG game Parasite Black. Since cheat codes have taken the place of the old cheat options, you will need them to use the cheat in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the codes for all of them.

Here’s how to use cheat codes in Parasite Black:

  • There is an options screen in the game.
  • Press the “Enter Cheat Code” button.
  • Type in the cheat code
  • A rose will show up in the corner of your screen if you type the code correctly. 

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The list of Group Links Changed on
VersionCodeHow It Works
V0.153allsfairinloveandwarunlock cheat menu
V0.153curiositykilledthecatlock all gallery
V0.153wehavesuchsightstoshowyouunlock all gallery
VersionCodeHow It Works
v0.152closeyoureyeslock all gallery
v0.152peepshowunlock all gallery
v0.152onceacheateralwaysacheaterEnable cheat menu
VersionCodeHow It Works
v0.149allyourbasesbelongtousEnable cheat menu
v0.149cinderellaunlock all gallery
v0.149seenoevilLock all gallery
VersionCodeHow It Works
v0.148spidermonkeyEnable cheat menu
VersionCodeHow It Works
v0.147mayhemCheat menu
  • Captain Nyx appears in The Slavemaster, a new mission after The Bloodhound.
  • A new heated encounter with Captain Nyx occurs in the slavemaster task.
  • 5 adventure guild quests, 4 repeated.
  • Two new adventure guild task events. The catgirl and catboy alternate weekly during the “price of life” quest.
  • Adventure Guild tasks add enemies, graphics, and backgrounds.
  • Adventurer Guild ladder-accessible material with sequences. Regina has a new event after Dazzling Tail.
  • Later in her romance, Elena experiences something new.
  • Now Myu can be conceived. Additional events and a story about Celeste’s artwork have been included upon her return to the city.
  • Language, character locations, and transitions were tweaked in earlier quests.
  • Healing goods work in narrative mode. This now applies only once.
  • Readable books are now portable.
  • Most game locations can now be reached with WASD keys. S exits most city buildings. We promise to include a hotkey list assistance screen soon.
  • Now you know if a skill (or charm) check worked. Demorai hunt and Balun exploration now feature combat retreats.
  • Elena’s looks are less sharp.

I have added most of the latest and working parasite black gallery codes that will be redeemed in this article. 

You can find all the current codes for the parasite black here, so I hope they are helpful! Please inform us in the comments below if you need any items added to our list.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Please let us know your questions or concerns using the comment box. All the work you do is greatly appreciated.

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